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LG Range with ProBake™ - Tag On Feature

Operation Cooking Appliances Last Updated 12/21/2018
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Tag On Feature - LG Range with ProBake™

LG Range with ProBake™ - Tag On Feature
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LG Range with ProBake™ - Tag On Feature

  • LG's tagging function uses innovative features that allow you to conveniently set the cook modes.

  • Turn on Easy Clean and used a Smart Diagnosis on your LG Pro bake oven range.

  • Before you start, make sure your phone is equipped with the NFC to enable the tag on features.

  • NFC is available in most newer Android smartphones.

  • The NFC function can be activated by going into your smart phone settings menu under wireless networks.

  • Select share and connect, there should be a selection for NFC, depending on the smart phone manufacturer and Android OS version.

  • The NFC activation process may differ.

  • Refer to the manual of your smartphone to confirm that NFC comes equipped and how to properly activate it.

  • Set both the NFC and Android Beam function to the on position. Then select NFC check use read and write p2p receive.

  • Once your phone has been configured to the NFC setup, go to the Google Play Store and download the LG Smart Oven app and install.

  • Now open the app, and press the smart model selection to register your product.

  • You can now place your smartphone near the tag on logo on your oven as stated here, or select the question mark icon which will also take you to the 3 step tagging guide.

  • Press next to check the NFC antenna range of your smartphone, Press next again so place your smartphone near that tagging on logo on your oven and select tag on start.

  • And position the smartphone over the logo to register and identify your product.

  • Once connected different menu options will appear, you can start by creating a new recipe.

  • Or by selecting recipes in choosing the food channel option to pick the countless array of food items this app offers.

  • Press the home icon any time to bring you back to the main menu.

  • Smart diagnosis allows you to diagnose, and troubleshoot your range should any issues occur.

  • Select smart diagnosis on the phone.

  • And position the phone over the tag on logo to get the diagnosis results.

  • Claiming coach allows you to simulate and compare energy consumption between the ranges Easy Clean and Self-Clean cycles.

  • Alerts can also be set from the phone to remind and guide you when to clean your range.

  • More information can be found in the instruction guide located in the app.

  • Oven setting allows you to set the oven settings including the hour mode.

  • Reheat alarm light, beeper volume, temperature unit, convection auto conversion, and thermostat adjustment.

  • Note: LG Smart Oven app replaced to LG SmartThinQ app.

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