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Error Codes - Microwave

Operation Cooking Appliances Last Updated 11/01/2018
Error Codes - Microwave

Error codes help technicians identify what may affect the microwaves functionality.

See below a list of possible errors:

Error code Likely Failure Condition Tech Details


Thermistor Open

No heat or thermistor sensing error.


Thermistor short for cooking

No heat in 10 seconds after cooking starts.


Thermistor short after cooking

Thermistor temp. does not go down after cooking ends.


Sensor open

Humidity sensor sensing error.


Damper switch

Damper switch sensing error.

To remove the error code, let's reset the uinit:

  1. Unplug the unit from the wall outlet, or trip the circuit breaker to cut power to the machine.
  2. Allow the machine to remain unplugged for 10 - 15 seconds.
  3. Restore power to the unit.
  4. Add a 8 oz. "microwave safe" cup full of water to the unit. Run a time cooked setting for 30 seconds. If the error code represents the unit will require service.

Other error codes:

  • HS is not actually an error code, but an indication of a hot surface.

    • HS will stay on the display until the temperature has dropped below 150°F.

    • If HS remains after the unit has cooled, press the CLEAR/OFF key.

  • e-1 indicating an issue detected by a sensor. This error code will require service..

  • The PF display code is not actually an error code, but an indication that the unit has experienced a power failure.

    To clear the PF code, press the CLEAR/OFF button. If the display remains and cannot be cleared, the unit may require.

  • The CF Error Code indicates an abnormality of the fan motor. This error code will require service.

If the error code persists, the unit will require Repair Service.

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