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NeoChef - Noises

Troubleshooting Cooking Appliances Last Updated 05/09/2018
NeoChef - Noises

The following factors are what causes improper defrost.

  1. Rattling Noise

    Rattling noises are mostly due to installation problems. Ensure that the bottom, top and the sides of the unit is clear from obstructions as they can cause rattling noises when the unit is on cycle.

    unbalanced neochef
  2. Humming Sound.

    This is a normal noise. The cooling fan will always operate to cool down the electric panels of the NeoChef during cooking cycle.

  3. Squeaking Sounds.

    Ensure that the duct tape over the shaft at the bottom of the unit is removed during installation.

    Appropriate weight of food should be placed over the glass tray. When heavy food is placed on the glass tray, the rotating ring will make squeaking noise because it is not moving smoothly.

    Remove the duct tape

    Remove the duct tape

    Appropriate food weight.

  4. Clunk Sounds.

    Clunk sounds can be caused by three primary factors.

    • Oversized cookware: Ensure to always use cookware smaller to the dimension of the glass tray.

    • Rotation ring installation: Check the position of the installation ring; it must sit balanced in the middle circular ring path.

    • Food particles on roller & turntable: Food and residue buildup on the roller and turn table may cause clunk noises. Occasionally clean them to prevent noises.

    Oversized Cookware

    Wrong position of rotation ring.

    Dirty roller and turntable

  5. Clicking Sounds.

    Clean the oven in order to get rid of clicking sound. Food debris at the bottom of the oven can interfere with the rotating ring to cause clicking sounds.

    Debris around the balls

    Food Debris.

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