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Options - Laundry Dryer

Troubleshooting Dryers Last Updated 09/02/2015

LG dryers feature several additional cycle options to customize cycles to meet individual needs. Select the option from the list below to learn more about the specific option:

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  • The ANTI BACTERIAL option reduces bacteria by using a higher temperature during the drying cycle.

    This option can only be used on the HEAVY DUTY, COTTON/TOWELS, and NORMAL cycles. This option should not be used on delicate fabrics. On some models, this is a cycle rather than an option.

  • The CHILD LOCK feature disables the control panel during operation so the settings cannot be adjusted during the cycle. The CHILD LOCK feature will not not prevent the washer from being powered on or off. When powered off, the child lock will not lock the door or the control panel.

    On some models, CL will flash on the display to indicate that this feature is active. On most models, this feature is activated by starting the cycle and pressing and holding the CHILD LOCK for 3 seconds.

  • The CUSTOM PROGRAM option allows an adjustment to a cycle to be saved and recalled for future use.

    To save the adjustments, press and hold the CUSTOM PROGRAM button for 3 seconds and the adjustments will be saved. The next time the adjusted cycle is desired, simply press the CUSTOM PROGRAM button to recall the cycle. The stored settings will display.

  • The Easy Iron option assists in providing properly dampened fabrics for ironing, which can save time and make ironing easier. This option injects steam into the dryer late in the cycle to dampen the clothing.

    When using this option, clothing will come out slightly damp, making them easier to iron. This feature will be active approximately 8-13 minutes of the cycle. The drum will turn for 3 seconds of every minute when the option is active.

  • The ECO HYBRID option helps to reduce the energy consumption on LowTemp Dry+, Cotton/Normal, Heavy Duty, and Towel cycles by using heat pump air recirculating technology.

    Using the ECO HYBRID option will increase energy savings, but will also increase the drying time. Using the ECO HYBRID option with the LowTemp Dry+ cycle will provide the maximum energy savings, but the dry times will also be the longest using this setting.

    NOTE: ECO HYBRID is not available on all models. Refer to the owner's manual for more information.

  • The ENERGY SAVER option helps to reduce the energy consumption on the Cotton/Normal cycle, depending on the load size.

    The ENERGY SAVER feature is the default option on the Cotton/Normal cycle. To save energy, the dryer heats up slowly and the drying temperature is lower. To enable or disable the ENERGY SAVER feature, press the ENERGY SAVER button on the control panel.

    NOTE: The ENERGY SAVER feature is not available on all models. Refer to the owner's manual for more information.

  • The DAMP DRY SIGNAL is an option that can be added to the cycle that will signal when the load inside is approximately 80% dry. This allows for the removal of faster-drying light weight items or items that should be ironed. Clothing will still be damp, but the dryer will continue to run until the cycle is complete.

    To activate the DAMP DRY SIGNAL option, press the DAMP DRY SIGNAL button after selecting the cycle.

  • The Rack dry is optimal for wool sweaters, silk, any item that should be dried flat, or any item that should not be tumbled such as shoes or stuffed animals.

    To install the drying rack:

    1. Open the dryer door
    2. Slide the rack into the dryer drum.
    3. Rear legs should rest on the stationary back wall of the drum
    4. Front legs should rest near the lint filter
    5. Make sure the rack is stable as drum will be spinning, if the rack is not placed corectly, it could damage the unit.

    Note: Any items placed on the rack should not overflow or hang over the rack because it could be contacted by the drum and cause damage to the unit.

    You are able to use other settings to suit your needs while the rack is in the dryer, however we recoment to use lower temperature settings as the items are not tumbling and may become overheated.

  • The Reduce Static option injects steam late in the drying cycle to assist in reducing static electricity caused by dry fabrics rubbing together.

    This feature will be active approximately 6-11 minutes of the cycle time.

  • The Turbo Steam option helps prevent the over drying of clothes by injecting steam during the drying process. The Steam Shield Function extends the life of clothes.

    When a Sensor Dry cycle is selected with the Turbo Steam option, a Dry level of Less Dry or Damp cannot be selected.

  • The WRINKLE CARE option is an option that can be added to end of the drying cycle. The WRINKLE CARE option is designed to fluff the clothing and help reduce wrinkles for items that need to be ironed. The dryer will tumble the clothing inside the dryer every few minutes for up to 4 hours. The heating element will not operate during this time.

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