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Troubleshooting Dryers Last Updated 04/26/2018

Wrinkling issues should be simple to resolve with troubleshooting.

Lets begin with some simple checks.

  1. Starting from the washer

    Do you normally use liquid fabric softener as part of the wash cycle?

    Yes No
  2. If too much liquid fabric softener is used in the washer this will leave residue in the clothes and weight them down in the dryer and cause wrinkling.

    If this is the case, simply reduce the amount of softener used on the next load a small amount to (1 tbsp.)

    Be sure not to exceed the max fill line in the washer's fabric softener tray.

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  3. Check the cycle and temperature settings, some cycles default to a high temperature.

    At high temperatures wrinkles can set on the clothing.

    Note: Refer to the cycle guide in the model specific owner's manual for more detail.

    Is the cycle selected using a high temperature setting by default?

    Yes No
  4. You can adjust the cycle temperature setting to a lower one or use an alternate cycle.

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  5. Is wrinkling a problem on all loads or just large full loads?

    All Loads Only Large Loads
  6. Wrinkling can be a problem if the load size is too large because the items will not be able to tumble properly.

    This lack of space for fluffing and tumbling leads to wrinkles at the end of the cycle.

    In order to get better results, reduces large loads by a couple of items.

    In the case of a large bulky item it may be necessary to pause the cycle half way, remove the item to fluff and reload it, and then finish the cycle.

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  7. When you transfer items from the washer to the dryer, do you shake them out first?

    Yes No
  8. Because the washer has such high spin speeds, the clothing items inside will be compressed against the drum.

    If items are not shaken out well before being placed in the dryer items can come out wrinkled at the end of the dry cycle.

    Be sure to shake out the items when you move them from the washer to the dryer.

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  9. Do you usually remove and fold the load before the cycle has actually completed?

    Yes No
  10. If items are removed from the drum prior to completion, the clothes do not go through the cool down portion of the cycle.

    This mode continues to fluff items while they cool, which helps prevent and reduce wrinkles.

    When they are pulled out hot from the drum and put into a basket while being put away, wrinkles can set in.

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  11. Are the clothing items left in either the washer or in the dryer for an extended period of time after the cycle finished?

    Yes No
  12. If clothing items are left in the machine too long after the cycle is completed, wrinkles will set in the fabric.

    Always try to move clothing to the dryer within a short period of time after washer.

    When the dry cycle completes try to remove the clothing items immediately.

    When you are drying a wash load and you believe you won't be able to unload and fold the load as soon as the dryer finishes the cycle, try activating the wrinkle care option before starting the cycle.

    Wrinkle care will tumble the load periodically for up to 3 hours after the selected cycle has finished, or until the door is open.

    This should prove helpful in preventing wrinkles when you are unable to immediately unload the dryer.

  13. These would be all the steps we recommend to follow to reduce wrinkling. The most important factors are the load size and letting the item stay the entire duration of the cycle.

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