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Condensation In Control Panel

Troubleshooting Laundry Accessories, Washer Dryer Combos, Washers Last Updated 05/10/2018


Condensation in the control panel normally indicates a leak of some type. Some things to check to determine the cause of this condensation are:


Torn Gasket



Check behind your washer for evidence of any leaks, such as water marks and residue buildup on the back panel.

If you notice any evidence of leaks from your washing machine, this could be responsible for the condensation inside the control panels.


Torn Gasket

Check the entire gasket around the drum of your washer for any type of tears. Check all the way around, even at the top and under the lip for tears and punctures.

If the gasket is torn or punctured, moisture could be passing through the tear and condensing behind the control panel. If torn or punctured, the gasket must be replaced.



Spills on top of the washer could drip in between the top plate and the control panel cover, allowing moisture from the spilled item to condense on the control panel display. Detergent, additives, and other items should not be stored on top of the washing machine.



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