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No Hot or Cold Water Supply

Troubleshooting Laundry Accessories, Washer Dryer Combos, Washers Last Updated 05/10/2018

When the unit seems to only supply hot or cold water an installation issue is likely to be the root cause.

  1. Did an error code display when the problem occurred?

    Yes No
  2. Click here for a list of error codes and posible solutions.

  3. Check the inlet hoses to see if they are reversed.

    LG inlet valves, located on the back of the washer, are oriented differently than other manufacturers. For this reason, installers may connect them incorrectly:



    LG = Hot on Right, Cold on Left - Others = Hot on Left, Cold on Right

    • How To Check if the hoses are connected correctly

      1. Power the unit on, select Tap Cold for water temp or any cycle that defaults to Tap Cold.
      2. Press the Start button.
      3. Once water starts going into the dispenser and unit, pause it.
      4. Open the door and check the water temperature. Does it feel warm?

      The reason we want to test it with Tap Cold is because when selected, only the cold water valve will be energized, and only water from the cold water pipe will be allowed into the washer. If the water is Hot, more than likely the hoses are reversed.

      Note: During summer months, in places like Florida, Southern California, Texas, Arizona, the cold water temp can rise and feel very warm and even hot. There is not much that can be done in that case. This is environmental.

    Check the inlet hoses, are they reversed?

    Yes No
  4. To correct the inlet hose installation:

    1. Turn off the hot and cold water valves.
    2. Place a bucket beneath the hoses at the back of the washer.
    3. Disconnect the inlet hoses from the washer, placing the end of the hoses in the bucket to drain.
    4. Make certain the hot water hose is connected to the home's hot water valve, and the cold hose to the home's cold water valve.

    Note: Connect the hot water inlet hose to the hot inlet valve on the washer (right side, if facing back of washer).
    Connect the cold water inlet hose to the cold inlet valve on the washer (left side, if facing back of washer).

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  5. Are both the hot and cold water taps fully opened?

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  6. Be sure both hot and cold taps are opened completely.

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  7. Do you use Floodsafe Hoses?

    Yes No
  8. The FloodSafe hoses may not be compatible with LG washing machines. This is because our inlet valve opens quickly supplying instant water pressure. This instant water pressure may trigger the FloodSafe hose to close as if there is a leak and shut off the water supply.

    Note: If issues persist as a result of using 3rd party hoses, the customer may need to be instructed to return to using the supplied LG hoses.

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  9. Water Supply Temperature Tips:

    • Be sure the home water heater is set to supply the recommended water temperature (120°F).
    • If the washer and water heater are far apart, purge the hot water line from the nearest sink to flush cold water from the lines before running a wash load.
    • Some newer models will only run cold rinses. You can see the model specific specifications or manual for more detail.

    Note: If the washer is equipped with a water heater use Sanitary, Allergiene™, Bright Whites, or add the Steam option. The unit will heat the water as needed if the supply temperature is not warm enough. When this occurs, the cycle will be delayed.

    Use the cycle guide in the owner's manual for help with choosing the right cycle for a given load.

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