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WAC - Removing Chassis

Installation Air Conditioners Last Updated 05/08/2018


The chassis refers to the cabinet in which your window air conditioner is secured. Most window air conditioners require the air conditioner to be separated from the cabinet during installation. This allows the cabinet to be installed in the window securely, without the weight of the air conditioner. Once the cabinet is installed securely in the window, the air conditioner is then slid into the cabinet and secured. This also makes the air conditioner easier to access if service is ever required.

To remove the air conditioner from the cabinet, the shipping screws must first be removed. There are two located at the front, one on each side, and two at the back in opposite corners.

Tip: Do not discard these screws. They are used to secure the air conditioner to the chassis once the installation is complete.

Once all four shipping screws are removed, grasp the handle at the bottom front of the air conditioner base pan and pull firmly while using the other hand to hold the cabinet in place.

The cabinet is designed to fit securely so that the air conditioner may resist coming out. It may be necessary to have the assistance of a second person so that one can hold the cabinet while the other pulls the air conditioner out. Be careful to avoid touching the metal fins on the evaporator coils. These are sharp and may cause injury.

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