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Turns Off and On Every Couple of Minutes - Window or Through the Wall

Troubleshooting Air Conditioners Last Updated 05/08/2018
Turns Off and On Every Couple of Minutes - Window or Through the Wall

If the air conditioner powers turns off and on every couple of minutes, follow the steps below to resolve the issue. For other related power power issues, please visit Power Issues - Room Air Conditioner article.

The unit will turn off and on every couple of minutes if it is running on ENERGY SAVER MODE, or the unit is installed in a room smaller to the capacity size of the unit.

  1. Energy Saver is active.

    Energy saver mode will allow the unit to run until the desired room temperature is reached. Once that has been met, the unit will TURN OFF both the compressor and circulation fan.

    After that the circulation fan will cycle on approximately every 3 minutes to test the room air to determine if active cooling needs to resume.

    If this is too disruptive, you may consider swapping the unit to COOL mode. If this is mainly an issue during night time hours, you may want to consider setting an OFF timer to shut the unit down after you’ve fallen asleep and the outside temperature has cooled down for the night.

  2. Unit's size compared to room size.

    An air conditioner that has a BTU ratting for a large room will not work efficiently in a space that is too small. If a large capacity unit is placed in a room that is too small, cool air blowing out of the vents will lower the temperature of the room too rapidly causing the unit to stop active cooling. This leads to the unit cycling on and off very frequently because the unit is overpowered relative to the size of the room it’s in.

Author - Sanmi Ajanaku

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