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Installation Tips - Portable Air Conditioner

Troubleshooting Air Conditioners Last Updated 04/18/2018
Installation Tips - Portable Air Conditioner

Portable air conditioners are designed to be used in just about any location of your home. The units can be rolled almost anywhere and used as long as there is a window within approximately 5 ft that the exhaust hose can be connected to.

Watch this video to learn about Portable Air Conditioner Installation.

NOTE: Refer to your owner's manual for important safety information before attempting to install your air conditioner unit. Please visit our Manuals and Documents page to download a copy.

Below are a few steps to get the optimum performance from the unit:

  1. 5 feet space.

    The vent hose will extend approximately 5 feet from the rear of the portable unit. You do not have to try to cover or damp the outside exhaust opening. The force of the air being expelled throughout the vent hose will keep insects out of the vent system.

    5 feet space
  2. Drain Hose.

    If it is very humid in your area, "P2" or "FL" may display on your machine's control panel. This simply means that the drain pan at the bottom of the unit needs to be emptied. During less humid conditions, the unit should run without requiring regular draining because most of the condensed moisture will be evaporated as it is blown across the condenser coils.

    drain hose
  3. Fan Speed.

    The fan speed setting can also be lowered and temperature setting can be raised slightly if the unit is displaying "P2" or "FL" too frequently during very humid weather conditions.

    fan speed
  4. Perfect location.

    When choosing an install location, try to place the unit in an open area. If the unit is too close to nearby walls cold air from the unit can be deflected back toward the unit causing it to cycle on and off rapidly.

    portable spacing
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