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Installation Tips - Through the Wall AC

Troubleshooting Air Conditioners Last Updated 05/08/2018
Installation Tips - Through the Wall AC

Through the wall units are specifically designed to be installed using the specific measurements and requirements from the model's specific owners manual.

NOTE: Refer to your owner's manual for important safety information before attempting to install your air conditioner unit. Please visit our Manuals and Documents page to download a copy.

  1. 20 inches space.

    There should be at least 20 inches of open space behind the unit, so that the heat may discharge properly. Restriction of outside air flow will greatly reduce the cooling efficiency of the air conditioner.

    20 inches space
  2. Perfect location

    Consider the location of the window you'll use. A window unit installed near a corner of the room may seem to run louder than in another location, because of the sound reflected by the nearby wall.

  3. Tilt the unit.

    When the AC is installed, keep in mind that the unit should have a tilt toward the back (1/4 - 1/2"). If the back of the unit isn't installed slightly lower than the front the unit can leak condensed water from the front grille.

    tilt wall unit
  4. Sleeve and rear grille.

    If you use an existing wall sleeve, you should measure its dimensions. Install the new air conditioner according to the included installation instructions to achieve the best performance. All wall sleeves used to mount the new air conditioner must be in good structural condition and have a rear grille to securely attach the new air conditioner.

    If a new sleeve is needed you can find more information below:

    AXSVA1 - Through the Wall Air Conditioner 26" Wall Sleeve.
    AXSVA4 - Through the Wall Air Conditioner Wall Sleeve with Stamped Aluminum Grille.
    AXRGALA01 - Through the Wall Air Conditioner Architectural Grille.
    sleeve and rear grille
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