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TV has No Power - TV - No Power

When your TV won't turn on, hangs on the LG splash screen, or doesn't boot after the LG splash screen, your TV may require service. To ensure a technician visit is necessary, please answer the following questions to check for a possible self resolution. If it is determined that the issue cannot be resolved with these steps, a link will be presented to schedule service using our online service portal.

  1. Does the LG splash screen appear when you try to turn on the TV? Yes No
  2. Does the TV hang on the LG splash screen, or does it show a blank screen after the LG splash screen completes?
    (If anything appears after the splash screen, including a No Signal message, or Any on-screen display, please refer to No Signal/No Image - TV) Hangs on Splash screen Blank after splash screen
  3. Hanging on the LG splash screen is most often related to corrupted software, please Schedule a Repair.

  4. If you press any button located on the TV (not on the remote), except for the power button, does anything appear on the screen?
    (The channel/volume/input/menu buttons or the joystick on newer TVs should all have an on-screen display associated with them) Yes No
  5. Based on your answers to the preceding questions, it appears that your TV is functioning, but the device providing the signal is not.

    • Try to connect a known working device. Check that this device is functioning properly by connecting it to a different TV first.
    • Make sure to note the input number that you connect the device to. The inputs are labelled on the back or side of your TV (e.g. HDMI 1).
    • Make sure to set the TV to the input your device is connected to. Do this using the Input/Source/Function button on your remote, or by using the manual controls located on the TV.
    • Make sure the device is powered on.
    • If the device is confirmed working, powered on, and the TV is set to the correct input, but you are still not receiving a signal, please Schedule a Repair.
  6. Freezing after the LG splash screen is most often related to corrupted software, please Schedule a Repair.

  7. Is the unit's power cord securely plugged-in to both the back of the TV and an electrical outlet?
    (Please check both locations, cords may come loose sometimes) Yes No
  8. Plug the unit securely into an electrical outlet.

  9. Does the LED on the front of the unit light up? Yes No
    • Try to plug the unit into a different electrical outlet (one that is confirmed working using a different device, such as a lamp).
    • If using a power strip, try to plug the unit directly into an outlet in case the power strip is malfunctioning.
    • If the issue persists, Schedule a Repair.
  10. When you press the Power button, does the unit turn on? Yes No
    • Check the batteries in the remote, then press the Power button.
    • Check the Power button on the TV itself.
    • If the issue persists, Schedule a Repair.
  11. Congratulations, your TV has power!

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