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General Settings Menu - webOS 2.0

Operation TV Audio Video Accessories, TVs Last Updated 05/10/2018
General Settings Menu - webOS 2.0 - Menu Settings

The LG TV General Menu settings allow you to customize your personal viewing experience. Below is a list of the available General Menu settings, click on any one to learn more.


Adjust language settings for menus, audio output, voice recognition, and keyboards.

  • Menu Lanuage - Select a language for TV menus.
  • Audio Language - Select an audio language for digital broadcasts. The default language is selected when the program does not support multiple languages.
  • Voice Recognition Language - Select a language for voice recognition.
  • Keyboard Languages - Select languages for on-screen keyboards.


Set the region for broadcasts and special services.

  • Service Area Zip Code - Set your local zip code.
  • Service Country Setting Auto - Select to automatically set your country based on area code.
  • LG Services Country - Manually set your service country.

Time & Date

Set the current date and time.

  • Set Automatically - Sets the time and date automatically through Wi-Fi or local broadcasting.
  • Time - Manually Set the time.
  • Date - Manually set the date.
  • Time Zone - Manually set your time zone based on city.


Set the TV to turn on/off automatically at a set time.

Click an item below for more information.
  • Set the TV to turn off after a set amount of time.

    10, 20, 30, 60, 90, 120, 180, and 240 min.

  • Set the TV to turn on automatically at a set time.

    • Switch the button in the top-right to ON.
    • Time - Sets the time the TV will power on.
    • Repeat - Sets how often the TV will power on at the specified time.
    • Input - Sets which input the TV will tune to when it powers on.
    • Channel - Sets which channel the TV will tune to when it powers on (if Input is set to TV).
    • Volume - Sets the volume of the TV when it powers on.
  • Set the TV to turn off automatically at a set time.

    • Switch the button in the top-right to ON.
    • Time - Sets the time the TV will power off.
    • Repeat - Sets how often the TV will power off at the specified time.

Account Management

Manage your account information and settings.

Having an LG Account is required for some Smart features and/or App downloads. This option will open the LG Account portal, where you can create, log-in to, or edit your LG Account.
For more information about creating or logging into your Smart TV/Blu-ray Player account, refer to LG Smart World Account Management.

Note: This account will pertain to the use of any LG Smart TV or Smart Blu-ray Player. A separate account is required for product registration and access to MyLG customer portal on

Standby Light

Turn on/off the standby light at the bottom of the TV.

Home/Store Mode

Select how the TV will be used.

  • Home Mode - Sets the standard mode for home use.
  • Store Mode - For in-store purposes only (TV will re-initialize the settings every few minutes).

Power Saving Mode

Set power options to reduce energy consumption.

  • HDD Power Saving Mode - When a connected external hard drive has not been used for a specified amount of time, switch to standby mode.


Enables an LG device connected to your TV with an HDMI cable to be controlled with your TV remote.

Note: This must be enabled to use HDMI (ARC) audio output mode.

  • Auto Power Sync - Enable to power on your TV when you turn on a SIMPLINK connected device, and your SIMPLINK devices will be turned off when you turn off your TV.

Settings Help

Turn on/off the description box in Settings.

Data-Based Services

Allow collection of viewing habit information to provide you with personalized services.

  • Live Plus - By turning Live Plus on, you are consenting to the collection of television viewing information by LG Electronics, Inc. ("LGE") through ACR module, which may be shared anonymously with third parties to provide you with interactive services. We may also share aggregated anonymous information with third parties for marketing purposes. Please note that we do not knowingly collect or distribute the above information from or about children under 13. Detailed information about Live Plus is illustrated in Viewing Information (terms) which may be accessed in the SmartTV settings menu. LGE highly recommends that you review the full version of Viewing Information (terms) before you activate the Live Plus function.

Reset to Initial Settings

Return TV to its initial settings. This will revert all options to their default settings.

Note: This action will not reset the system password. If the password is not known, you cannot perform this reset.

WARNING: Resetting will delete all of your account settings and installed apps. This action cannot be undone.

About This TV

Enable software updates, receive remote customer service, and review legal agreements.

  • Check For Updates - Manually check for firmware updates.
  • Allow Automatic Updates - Automatically update system software when available.
  • Information - TV/contact information (model number, serial number, etc.).
  • LG Remote Service - Allow an LG Technician to remotely control your TV.
  • User Agreements - Review the User Agreements.
  • Legal Notice - Review the Legal Notice.
  • Open Source Software Notice - Review the Open Source Software Notice.
  • Set ID - Set an ID to be used with the RS-232 port (external control).

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