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Attaching/Removing the Stand - HDTV / Netcast / webOS

Installation TV Audio Video Accessories, TVs Last Updated 05/10/2018
Attaching/Removing the Stand - TV

Attaching and removing a stand will vary depending on the model. You may want to reference your owner’s manual for further information on your specific model.

Note: Refer to the Assembling and Preparing section of the owner's manual for model specific information on the necessary components for your particular model.

Note: To remove the stand, follow these instructions in the reverse order.

Note: Some models may include Stand Holders. These are optional attachments that you may use to help with wire management. Do not use these for any purpose besides grouping wires to reduce clutter.

First, unbox the TV and lay it flat, face-down on a non-abrasive surface.
Slide the stand body into the stand base.
From the bottom of the stand, insert the screws to secure the stand base to the stand body.
Insert the hooks from the stand body into the corresponding holes on the TV.
Some models may have the hooks lower on the stand body.
Insert the screws to secure the stand body to the TV as shown.
Some models may have a different arrangement of screws.
Turn the TV upright and place it in an optimal viewing location.
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