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YouTube App No Longer Works - Netcast

Troubleshooting TVs Last Updated 04/21/2018
YouTube App No Longer Works

YouTube has ended support for many devices from All manufacturers. This affects the following LG model series:

  • LD550
  • LD650
  • LE3530
  • LE5400
  • LE5500
  • LE7500
  • LE8500
  • LX6500
  • LX9500
  • PK750
  • PK950
  • PX950
  • BD390
  • BD530
  • BD560
  • BD570
  • BD590
  • BX580
  • LHB953
  • LHB977

If your model IS listed above, there are alternative methods to view YouTube on your TV, called Streaming Devices.

One of the most popular Streaming Devices is Google's Chromecast, though any device that supports YouTube or Casting will work. CNET has a comprehensive review of the Streaming Devices available at

If your model is not listed, please visit Troubleshooting Premium Apps for additional assistance.

YouTube is updating their program software which results in the YouTube app no longer working on many devices that were manufactured prior to 2013 (from all manufacturers that offered the App). Moving forward, YouTube will continue to focus their efforts on improving their app so that it will be effective on newer devices manufactured beginning in 2013. To view Google’s official article regarding this change, please visit

Note: This is not a defect or malfunction, and we apologize for any inconvenience this has caused.

Note: Products purchased later than 2012 may still have been manufactured before that time.

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