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LG Smart TV - How 3D Works

Operation Desktop & All In One Computers, Monitors, TVs, Video Walls Last Updated 02/12/2019
LG Smart TV - How 3D Works
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LG Smart TV - How 3D Works

  • Now that you own an LG 3D TV, it's good to know something about how 3D actually works.

  • And it's all pretty amazing because their eyes are spaced apart from each other. each eye sees the world from an individual perspective.

  • Our brains of course are pretty amazing. Merging these two views into a single image with all the dimension we take for granted.

  • It's a phenomenon called stereopsis.

  • Your LG 3D TV recreates the same effect, displaying two separate images of the same scene at once.

  • One antenna for your right eye, one for your left.

  • Before you put on your 3D glasses, everything looks fuzzy. Out of sync but not for long.

  • Put on your LG 3D glasses.

  • And Wow! Your brain combines separate images to bring you all the depth and excitement you expect from 3D, just like you enjoy at the movies.

  • And just like the movies, LG offers the convenience of battery free glasses.

  • Featuring polarizing lenses, it's a different technology from other manufacturers whose glasses are battery operated.

  • LG's glasses are lightweight and low-cost.

  • Enough with the science of 3D, it's time to experience it for yourself.

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