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LG Smart TV - LivePlus

Operation TV Audio Video Accessories, TVs Last Updated 04/26/2018

LivePlus is a feature on 2012 and 2013 Smart TV's which enables broadcasters and cable networks to deliver synchronized, interactive content to the TV while you are viewing certain programs.

If your OPTION menu has this option then you are able to enjoy the LivePlus experience.

The following models have this option:
55LM7600, 47LM7600, 60LM7200, 55LM6700, 47LM6700, 42LM6700, 55LM6400, 47LM6400, 65LM6200, 55LM6200, 47LM6200, 42LM6200, 32LM6200, 60LS5700, 55LS5700, 47LS5700, 42LS5700, 60LS5750, 55LS5750, 47LS5750, 60PM9700, 50PM9700, 60PM6700, 50PM6700, 50PM4700, 42PM4700

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

  • LivePlus enables certain programs to provide interactive content on the TV which is synchronized with show.

  • Currently, some of the original programming on Showtime Networks is enabled for LivePlus. New content and networks are continuously being added. For a list of Showtime programming which supports LivePlus, see Showtime shosync.

  • When you are watching a program with the LivePlus interactive experience available, a prompt will automatically appear on the screen asking if you would like to receive this content. Just use the TV remote to click on the prompt to receive the content for the episode.

    Note: Example of a prompt which appears on-screen while viewing Homeland on Showtime.
    Photo © 2013. Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation. All rights reserved.

  • LivePlus is not supported on Smart TV streaming video applications such as Netflix, Hulu, Vudu and CinemaNow.

  • There are no programs or applications which need to be installed to use LivePlus. The LivePlus interactive experience is automatically delivered for the program if you opt-in into the experience.

  • You will need to have a TV model which supports LivePlus and to be connected to the Internet through WiFi or Ethernet (Internet service sold separately). The LivePlus setting in the TV set up menu needs to be "on".

  • LivePlus uses the Internet to both recognize if the program has LivePlus interactivity and to deliver the experience.

  • A broadband connection (DSL, cable modem or fixed wireless service) of at least 1Mbps download bandwidth is needed.

  • LivePlus uses a small amount of broadband bandwidth (about 1 Kbps) continuously during the time when the TV is operating. The cost for the broadband service is the responsibility of the user. If the broadband service has a very low usage cap, we do not recommend that LivePlus be used.

  • LivePlus can be accessed via a cellular broadband service using a hot-spot or other device, however, it does take about 1Kbps in bandwidth during the time LivePlus is on. The cost for the broadband service is the responsibility of the user, so please be cognizant of any associated costs.

  • The LivePlus experience is "opt-in" which means that viewers who want to receive it must accept the request and will only receive the content if they choose to do so. The opt-in prompt appears on the TV after a few minutes of watching programming that offers LivePlus interactive content.

  • If you are viewing a program with LivePlus interactivity and the channel is changed during the program, the LivePlus interactive content will no longer be displayed unless you are in the process of interacting with the LivePlus application. If you change the channel back to the program with LivePlus content, a new "opt-in" request may be displayed to continue the LivePlus session.

  • If the content is interactive, for example a quiz or poll, use the TV's remote control to select the answer. Either the Magic Remote or conventional remote control can be used. For the conventional remote control, use the directional arrow keys to navigate to your selection and press the "OK" button. For the Magic Remote control, simply point to the selection and press the center button.

  • The LivePlus content is created by the network or show producer.

  • Most LG Electronics 2012 Smart TV models support LivePlus. Support for 2013 models is coming shortly. Please check the list of supported models. LivePlus is not available on non-Smart TV's, Google TVs, or TV models before 2012.

  • LivePlus is supported on all pay TV services located in the United States in which a set top box is connected to the TV through the HDMI port. This includes cable TV services, satellite TV services (DirecTV and Dish Networks) and IPTV services (such as AT&T U-Verse, Verizon FiOS). Specific programs on certain networks are enabled for LivePlus interactive experience. Also, for programs with LivePlus interactive experience, viewing the shows on the pay TV operator's video-on-demand (VOD) system and on Blu-ray or DVD's is also supported for a period determined by the network.

  • Please check the following items to ensure that these are working:

    1. You have a supported LG Smart TV model. (See list of supported models)
    2. Your Smart TV is connected to the Internet.
    3. The LivePlus setting on the TV is turned on. (See instructions on enabling/disabling LivePlus)
    4. You are located in the United States.
    5. You are using a pay TV service connected to the TV through the HDMI port.
    6. You are watching a program and episode which has a LivePlus experience enabled. See Showtime shosync for a list of programs supported by Showtime Networks. Other channels will be added as they become available.
    7. If you are watching a program which is recorded on a DVR, the network supports the show after the initial air date of the show. For some networks, LivePlus interactive shows are supported for only 3 days (72 hours) after the initial air date while other shows will support the LivePlus experience for up to 365 days after the initial air date. This policy is set by the network.
    8. You have accepted the opt-in when you first viewed the show. (See example of the opt-in request).
  • LivePlus is supported on broadcast networks which are viewed through a set top box connected to the TV through the HDMI port. LivePlus is not supported on programs viewed through the TV's built-in tuner using an over-the-air antenna.

  • If the same program is available as both a high definition and standard definition channel, we recommend viewing of the high definition channel. If only the standard definition channel is available, LivePlus will work if the network enables it.

  • The LivePlus interactive experience is designed to be shown on the TV briefly and then is automatically removed. If this interferes with the closed captions for the program, please exit from the LivePlus experience (see how to exit from LivePlus applications).

  • LivePlus interactive experience is available for enabled shows which are recorded on a Digital Video Recorder (DVR) or played through a pay TV service Video on Demand (VOD) service. The number of days after the original air date for recorded shows which LivePlus supports depends on the policy of the network.

  • The LivePlus opt-in is valid for the duration of the episode that you are currently watching. If you want to exit before the end of the episode, use the exit command in the application or press the EXIT key on supported remotes. Also, the application is automatically exited if the channel is changed.

  • Customers with 2012 TV's which support the LivePlus were notified when the TV was updated to support the LivePlus service. Customers with 2013 TV's which support the LivePlus service are notified when the TV is set up and activated to use the Smart TV service.

  • LG and certain authorized 3rd party partners receive TV viewing data such as the program name, episode number, viewing duration and an anonymous device identifier. This data is anonymous and does not contain any personally identifiable data. Certain information about your usage of LivePlus applications and content may be collected by the provider of the application. For example, this may include any participation in votes, polls and quizzes. The terms of the usage of the application are specified by the LivePlus application provider and not LG. Please see LG's privacy policy for full details.

  • Only broadcast and cable networks are recognized. The system operates on a "white list" system and only national or local programming is recognized No personal content such as photos and videos using the Smart Share system are ever recognized.

  • LG uses this data to improve its products and services, to enable certain Smart TV services and to offer data products and services to certain partners.

  • Some personally identifiable information such as email address is required for certain services, such as Smart World registration. This information is always securely stored separately from any TV viewing data and is never provided to any third parties.

  • Anonymous viewing behaviors and IP addresses will be shared with third parties for advertising and media research purposes. None of this information will identify you individually. Personally identifiable information is never provided with this data. Learn more about the privacy policy.

  • Certain data may be retained by LG and authorized 3rd parties for long-term media research. Most data is typically stored for up to 1 week and then purged.

  • No personal information (for example, Smart World account registration) is stored with the LivePlus data. Any personally identifiable information is stored securely, separately and only by LG.

  • Access the TV's settings menu through the Smart TV home page or through the Quick Menu. Select the Smart TV settings (identified by a toolbox icon) and select the LivePlus setting. Select off for this setting. This disables the LivePlus system and prevents any LivePlus content from being displayed. Also, any LG TV service which uses LivePlus will not be enabled.

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