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TV - Vudu Trouble Shooting

Troubleshooting TV Audio Video Accessories, TVs Last Updated 05/24/2018
TV Application Troubleshooting

Most application trouble shooting steps can be solved by a few troubleshooting steps

Please visit our TV Application Troubleshooting article for more steps.

For additional support with Hulu, you can contact them directly at:


  • Minimum Recommended Bandwidth Requirements:

    • Standard Definition (480p): 1.0 Mbps (1,000 Kbps)
    • HDX (1080p) 4.5 Mbps (4,500 Kbps)
    • UHD (4k) 11 Mbps (11,000 Kbps)

    To check your speed, please visit Speed Test

  • Click the link to reset your Forgotten password

  • Click the link to check all the benefits of Instawatch.

  • Click the link to check all the benefits of Movies Anywhere.

  • Click the link to check all the benefits of Vudu Movies on Us.

  • What is UltraViolet?

    UltraViolet is like DVDs or Blu-rays for the Internet. It is the industry standard that allows you to purchase digital movies or TV shows and keep them in the cloud. By keeping a permanent record of your movie and TV show purchases, UltraViolet allows you to build a digital collection safely and securely.

    Creating an UltraViolet Library is free, for more information goto

      1. Login at
      2. In the top right hand corner you will see your "Name" or Account Name.
      3. Bring up the drop down menu, and visit Ultraviolet menu item.
      4. If you have not yet linked a UV account you will see the option Create Ultraviolet Library or Already have Ultraviolet?, be sure to click Already have Ultraviolet. Use the same Ultraviolet Account with all providers, and studios in order to see your entire collection from cloud to cloud.
    • If you purchased a DVD or Blu-Ray disc that came with an UltraViolet code, please go to our website to redeem your digital copy at

    • As long as the title is available for UltraViolet redemption and your Vudu account and UltraViolet Library are linked, the title will be added and accessible through both your UltraViolet Library and Vudu account. Look for the UltraViolet logo to see if a movie or TV show is UltraViolet-compatible.

    • You can only link one UltraViolet Library to a Vudu account at a time.

    • Yes, you can stream and or download any UltraViolet movies or TV shows on Vudu, at no extra charge to you, regardless of where they were purchased, provided that:

      1. you have registered those titles in your UltraViolet Library.
      2. Vudu has a licensing relationship with the participating studio or distributor.
    • Creating an UltraViolet account is free. Disc to Digital is an UltraViolet program backed by many of the world's leading entertainment and technology companies and offered by Walmart. Creating a free UltraViolet account is a necessary step to initiate the Disc-to-Digital program. Once you create your UltraViolet account, any movies from participating studios that you purchase electronically on Vudu, including any past purchases, will be automatically registered within your UltraViolet cloud at no extra charge to you. You will also be able to redeem UltraViolet e-copies offered on selected physical DVD and Blu-ray discs offered by participating studios.

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