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LFCS22520 Refrigerator Shelf Removal

Operation Refrigerators Last Updated 04/26/2018

On the model LFCS22520, the split shelves inside the refrigerator were replaced with a single, full-width shelf during production. If your unit has a full-width shelf, you may notice that you cannot remove the shelf due to the doors not opening wide enough.

The right refrigerator door can actually open wider, allowing the full-width shelf to be removed for cleaning or to be adjusted.

To open the right refrigerator door wider:

  1. Open both refrigerator doors fully until the stopping position.

  2. Firmly lift the right refrigerator door up, and turn the door counterclockwise about 25 degrees until it reaches the position shown in the picture below.

    Door Opening Angle Before: 130 degrees              Door Opening Angle After: 155 degrees
  3. Remove the shelves from the refrigerator.

LFCS22520 Shelf Removal Video

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