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LG V20 Frequently Asked Questions and How To.


    1. Insert the ejector pin in the hole to partially eject the tray. Carefully pull the card tray out from the device.

  • How to add a new Home screen page

    1. Press and hold the app icon and then drag it to the right-most page. A new blank page will display to right of a screen that has at least one app on it.

    2. Release the icon to add the page.

    Note: If the app icon is not placed on the new Home screen page, the page will automatically be deleted.

    How to change the order of your Home screens

    1. Press and hold an empty area of the Home screen to open Edit mode.

    2. Press and hold the page you would like to move around, and then drag to the desired position.

    3. To exit edit mode tap a home screen or press the Back   or Home   button.

    Note: The left most screen, excluding smart bulletin, will become your main home screen. This is the screen that you return to when pressing the home key.

How To

  • Simultaneously press the volume down and power button to capture a screen shot.

    You can also use Capture+ function to perform a screenshot.

    1. With the screen on, drag the notification shade down and tap Capture+ from the Quick Settings menu.
    2. Tap the Checkmark  .
    3. Select Gallery to save your image. Your image will be saved to the Capture+ folder in the Gallery.

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