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LG Q6 (Amazon Prime US700) Video Overview & Settings

Operation Cell Phones, LG Friends, Mobile Accessories, Smart Watches, Tablets Last Updated 04/18/2018
LG Q6 (Amazon Prime US700) Video Overview & Settings

Take a Photo or Video

  1. Open the Camera  , then tap MODE  > Auto to change the mode.

  2. Tap the screen to focus the camera.

  3. Tap Take Photo or tap Volume Up or Volume Down button to take a photo. Tap Record Video to start recording.

    1. Tap on Flash mode  to cycle though the settings; Flash Off  , Flash On  , Auto Flash  .

    Note: If HDR is set to ON, you cannot use the flash or change the setting.

    1. Tap on  to switch to the front camera.

    2. Use the slider on screen to adjust the brightness of the photo.

    When using the front facing camera, additional options available under the Gear icon are:

    • Selfie Shot: Take a selfie by selecting between Gesture shot andAuto shot.
    • Gesture View: Allows you to view the photo immediately after takingit.
    • Save as Flipped: Save as flipped images after taking selfies.
    1. Tap on Film Filter Effect  to apply a color or look to your photos prior to taking a picture or video.

  • Tap on the Gear icon  to change the following settings:

    • Photo Size: Select the desired value for the aspect ratio and size ofyour photos.
    • Video Resolution: Select the desired value for resolution and size of yourvideos.
    • Camera roll: Display your recent photos and videos along the side ofthe screen (only available for select resolution/camera mode options).
    • HDR: Obtain photos in vivid colors and get compensatedeffects even when they are taken against the light.These functions are provided by the high dynamic range(HDR) technology equipped in the camera.
    • Timer: Set the timer to automatically take photos after aspecified period of time.
    • Voice Shutter: Take photos with voice commands
    • Tracking Focus: Enable the camera to remain focused on the subject youtouch on the screen, even if the subject is moving (when using the standard camera).
    • Steady Recording: Minimize motion blur while recording a video.
    • Covered Lens: Lets you know when the rear wide-angle lens is covered.
    • Tag Locations: Save the image with GPS location data.
    • Grid: Display guide grids so that you can take photos orrecord videos based on the horizontal and verticalreference lines.
    • Add Signature: Display a personalized signature on the photos.
    • Storage: Select if you want to store the pictures and videos inthe Internal storage or SD card (available when memory card is inserted).
    • Simple View: Hide all menus from the camera screen.
    • Help: Provide help information for each camera menu.

    Some settings may not be available or differ depending on the camera mode.

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