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How to resolve Screen Overlay Detected error message

Troubleshooting Cell Phones Last Updated 04/20/2018
How to resolve Screen Overlay Detected error message

If the warning message "Screen Overlay Detected" (pictured below) displays on your mobile device, there is no need to worry. A security patch applied to Marshmallow OS introduced the Screen overlay UI. Apps such as Facebook Messenger or the LG Stylo 2 Pen Pop use Screen Overlay to display floating chats, control brightness, and more.

There are two methods to resolve this warning: granting app permissions or disabling the screen overlay feature in the app.

Note: Some Settings, Menus, or Icons may differ from that of your device, this article should only be used as a general reference.

To set app permissions:

  1. From the home screen, tap Apps > Settings > General tab.

  2. Scroll to Apps, then tap to select it.

  3. Scroll to the application using Screen Overlay, then tap to select it.

  4. Scroll to Draw over other apps, then tap to select it (if using an older version of software, you may need to first select Permissions).

  5. Tap the toggle next to Draw over other apps to turn the feature on or off.

    Note: If you are unable to change the permission, the app may be active, to learn how to disable the app feature, click the Disable App Feature section for an example.

Example: disable Facebook Messengers "Chat Heads":

  1. From the Facebook messenger app, go to the Profile Page.

  2. Scroll to Chat Heads.

  3. Tap the toggle next to Chat Heads to disable the feature.

    Note: You may need to close the app completely. Tap the Recent apps button, then swipe left or right to close the active app.


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