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Operation Cell Phones Last Updated 04/20/2018

Properly managing memory can help improve phone performance and help reduce battery usage.

File Manager can view and edit saved files on your phone and on Dropbox.

Note: An existing Dropbox account is needed to use Dropbox with File Manager.

  1. From the Home Screen, tap Apps  > File Manager

  2. Select the category of file (All files, Music, Image, Video, Document) or select Dropbox.

    Note: If selecting Dropbox for the first time, you will need to enter your login information and agree to give access to your Dropbox account.

  3. Tap to open a folder or file. Tap and hold on a folder or file for a list of additional options.

Use Task Manager to easily check the number of applications that are currently running and close certain applications.

  1. From any screen, tap and hold the Home key   >Task Manager.

  2. Select Stop all to close all running applications or select Stop to the right of a single application to close it.

    Note: Some applications that are running in the background may not be listed.

  3. Tap the Menu key  > Settings to edit the following:

    • Auto clear RAM - checkmark to periodically clear ram
    • Auto clear period - select how often to clear ram
    • Stop Services - select and then checkmark, what applications to automatically stop services for

Note: Some applications include services, which are connections with the network or with other apps. Services may run automatically when you turn on the phone, open applications, or download applications from the market, etc. Services may keep running even if the associated applications is stopped through Task Manager, and may cause unwanted data usage or power consumption.

Note: Add the Task Manager widget to a home screen to quickly Clear RAM or access the Task Manager. Once added, Tap Clear RAM to optimize memory.

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