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Operation Cell Phones Last Updated 04/20/2018

Google Keep is an app that lets you easily create notes on the go. Since it syncs your notes to Google, you can access them virtually anywhere: on your Android device, through a Chrome app, and on the web.

Note: You can easily create notes by adding one of the Google Keep widgets to a Home or lock screen. The Google Keep widget displays your existing notes and provides a quick way to create a new note, and the other Google Keep widget allows you to easily create a new note from a Home or lock screen.

Note: Some Settings, Menus, or Icons may differ from that of your device, this article should only be used as a general reference.

When you open Google Keep, all active notes that you've created are displayed. To rearrange them, touch & hold a note and drag it to a new location.

You can view your notes in single or multi-column view. Google Keep displays multi-column view by default, and it modifies the text in your notes to fit that view. To switch to single-column view, touch Menu  > Single-column view.

To switch to another Google Account, touch the Navigation Drawer icon  in the top left corner, then touch the account that's displayed. You can add additional accounts from your device's Settings menu.

  1. From the Home Screen, tap Apps  > Keep  > Drawer icon

  2. Tap Notes

  3. The following options are available:

    • Add a quick note - Tap Add quick note and start typing. Tap Done when finished.

    • Create a Note  - Start entering text in the Note field. To add a title, tap the Title field.

    • Create a List  - Enter text to create a list item. To add more items, tap Next on the keyboard to move to the next item. Tap the Title field if you want to enter a title.

    • Create an Audio note  - Start speaking, then tap the Microphone  or stop speaking when you finish. Keep adds an audio snippet and the spoken text to the note. Tap the Title field if you want to add a title, and tap the text above the audio snippet to edit it.

    • Create a Photo note  - Choose to take a photo, or include an existing photo when creating a note within the Keep app. Tap below the image to add text.

Note: When you finish creating a note, tap the Keep icon  in the top left corner to save.

To remove the photo or audio, tap the Remove icon  to the right of an audio file or on the photo.

  1. From the Home Screen, tap Apps  > Keep  > Drawer icon

  2. Tap Archive

  3. If you don’t want certain notes to show up on the main app screen, you can archive them. Just swipe a note on the main Keep screen, or touch Menu  > Archive while editing a note.

  4. To view archived notes, touch the Navigation Drawer icon  in the top left corner, then touch Archive.

  5. To unarchive a note, touch & hold it, then touch the Unarchive icon  . You can also touch Menu  > Unarchive while editing a note.

Use the Google Keep app to add time and location reminders to new and existing notes. You can set reminders in two ways:

  • When creating a note or editing an existing note, touch Remind me  at the bottom of the note and edit the reminder details.

  • Touch & hold an existing note, then touch the Reminder icon  at the top of the Keep screen.

You can only add one reminder to a note.

Keep displays a notification reminder at the top of the screen. Swipe down from the top of the screen to view the notification or choose to be reminded later. Touch the notification to open the original note.

If you use Google Now, a card appears to alert you of the reminder in the Keep app. Swipe the card away to dismiss it.

  1. From the Home Screen, tap Apps  > Keep  > Drawer icon

  2. Tap Reminders

  3. The following options are available:

    • Time reminders  - Set your device to receive a reminder at a particular time.

    • Location reminders  - Set your device to remind you to do something at a location the next time you’re nearby.

    • Reminder notifications & resetting reminders - If you set a time or location reminder, you are notified once for that reminder. When you see the notification at the top of the screen, you can snooze the reminder or choose to be reminded at a later time. You can also reset a reminder that was already issued by opening a note with a past reminder and changing the reminder details.

    • Manage reminders - To manage upcoming reminders in Google Keep, open the main Keep screen and touch the Navigation Drawer icon   , then touch Reminders. Keep displays all notes that have upcoming reminders. Active and archived notes that have past reminders are displayed on the main Notes screen. Keep shows the time or location of past reminders when you open the note.

    • Delete a reminder - Open an existing note and touch the Remove icon  next to the reminder.

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