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Operation Cell Phones Last Updated 04/20/2018


Manage Home screen settings, Lock screen settings, Font display, Smart On and other features in the Display tab. To access display settings: from the Home Screen, tap Apps > Settings > Display

Smart On
Advanced Settings

  1. Tap Brightness to adjust the screen brightness by using the slider . Checkmark Automatic brightness to set the brightness to automatically adjust based on lighting conditions.

Note: Screen brightness may adjust above the baseline % when determined that lighting conditions will greatly affect ability to view the screen (e.g. direct sunlight). Alternatively, your screen brightness may adjust below the baseline if device detecs an abnormally warm condition.

  1. Tap Screen timeout to set the time delay before the screen automatically turns off.

  2. Tap Screen-off effect to set the effect used when the screen turns off.

  3. Checkmark Auto-rotate screen to set the phone to switch orientation automatically when you rotate the phone.

  4. Tap Screen mode to change your screen's display mode.

  5. Tap Daydream then tap the switch   to turn it on. Select the screensaver to enable when the phone is sleeping while docked and/or charging. Tap the Gear icon   for additional settings if available.

  6. Tap Startup settings. Select When to Daydream and tap OK. To start Daydream immediately, tap Start now.

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  1. Tap Font type to select the desired font type to display on your device.

  2. Tap Font size to select the desired font size to display on your device.

Smart On
  1. Checkmark Smart screen to keep screen on when the phone detects your face looking at the screen.

  2. Checkmark   Smart video to pause videos, while playing automatically, when the phone detects you are not looking at the screen.

Advanced Settings
  1. Tap Front touch buttons. Select a combination from the list to configure the Front key light option.

  2. Tap Notification LED then the switch   to enable. Checkmark   the notifications to display on the front or back side LED.

  3. Checkmark   Auto-adjust screen tone to save battery power by adjusting screen brightness automatically with analysis or image color.

  4. Tap Screen capture area. Select Capture full screen to capture screen including status bar and front touch buttons. Select Capture part of screen to capture screen without including status bar or front touch buttons.

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