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Operation Cell Phones Last Updated 04/20/2018


Manage alerts, notifications, ringtones and vibration from the sound settings screen. To access sound settings: from the Home Screen, tap Apps > Settings > Sound

Sound Profile
Ringtones & Vibrations

Sound Profile
  1. Tap Sound Profile to select Sound, Vibrate only, or Silent mode.

  2. Tap Volumes to adjust volume levels for Ringtone, Notifications, Touch feedback & system, and Musicvideogames & other media. Slide   to adjust the volume for each setting. Tap OK to set.

  3. Tap Vibrate strength to adjust the vibration strength for Incoming callNotification and Vibrate on touch. Slide   to adjust the vibration strength for each setting. Tap OK to set.

  4. Tap Quiet mode to change sound mode to silent mode and block calls. Tap Turn Quiet mode on now to enable.

    Tap Set quiet time. Then tap the Set quiet time switch to enable adjustment of Time and Days. Quiet mode will activate automatically during the set time. Tap Back key to return to main screen.

    Tap Incoming call settings. From here you can allow a second call from the same person within 3 minutes to ring, set allowed contact numbers to ring, and set automatic replies to blocked calls all while in Quiet mode.

Ringtones & Vibrations
  1. Tap Phone ringtone and select a new ringtone from the list by tapping the ringtone name. Tap OK to set the ringtone OR tap the Plus icon at the top right of the screen and tap the song title to select and set as your ringtone. Only compatible files will display.

  2. Checkmark   Smart ringtone to have the ringtone volume automatically increase in noisy environments.

  3. Tap Vibrate type to set the vibrate types for Incoming callMessageEmailAlarm and Calendar.

Note: Vibrate type is grayed out unless Ringtone with vibration is checkmarked

  1. Checkmark Gentle vibration to gradually increase vibration up to current strength set.

  2. Checkmark   Ringtone with vibration to have vibration feedback for calls.

  1. Tap Voice notifications and then tap the switch to enable. Select from the options to read out incoming caller information, message sender information, and to read out the message. You can also change the Voice notifications language settings here.

  2. Tap Notification sound and select a notification from the list by tapping the notification sound name. Tap OK to set the notification sound OR tap the Plus icon   at the top right of the screen and tap the song title to select and set as your notification sound. Only compatible files will display.

  3. Tap Touch feedback & system and checkmark the following settings you would like to access:

  • Dial pad touch tones - Play tones when using dial pad.
  • Touch sounds - Play sound when making screen selection.
  • Screen lock sound - Play sounds when locking and unlocking the screen.
  • Vibrate on touch - Vibrate when pressing front key and on certain UI interactions.

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