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Operation Cell Phones Last Updated 04/19/2018


TalkBack reads out tips and text on touched icons or areas using Text-to-speech (TTS). This includes events such as the screen turning off or a change in ringer status. The feature makes the smartphone accessible for blind and vision-impaired users.

Note: • To have lock screen PIN and Passwords read aloud, tap Settings  > General tab  > Accessibility , then checkmark Read passwords
• Anything typed or displayed while TalkBack is enabled may be collected by TalkBack.
• For optimal Talkback performance, Install Web Scripts.
• KnockON and Knock Code has limited function when TalkBack is enabled

Enable TalkBack
Using TalkBack
TalkBack Settings

Enable TalkBack
  1. From the Home screen, tap Apps > Settings > General tab  > Accessibility > Talkback

  2. Tap theTalkBack switch  to ON and tap OK to enable TalkBack.

Note: Explore by touch tutorial explaining how to use Talkback will display. Follow the prompts to complete setup or tap Exit to select and then double-tap Exit to skip and complete setup. This tutorial can be found later under TalkBack settings.

Using TalkBack

To navigate when Talkback is enabled:

  • Tap and slide your finger across the display to get to know your screen. Text and menus will be read aloud as your finger slides over them. When you hear a menu you would like to access, double tap on the screen to select.

  • Slide two fingers from bottom to top of your screen to scroll down a screen, such as a webpage. Slide two fingers from the top to the bottom of your screen to scroll up a screen.

  • To move between pages on the Home and Apps page, slide two fingers from right to left to scroll to the next screen. Swipe left to right to scroll to the previous screen

  • Swipe left to right to move to the next menu item. Swipe right to left to move to the previous item.

  • From any screen, slide two fingers from the top to the bottom of the screen to pull down the Notification Panel at any time.

  • When receiving a call, three options will pop up on the screen: Answer, Decline with Message, and Decline. These may appear at the bottom or top of the screen, depending on if there is an application running.

TalkBack Settings
  1. From the Home screen, tap Apps > Settings > General tab  > Accessibility > Talkback > Settings to access the following settings:

  • Speech volume - match media volume or decrease volume in percent increments.

    Note: You may additionally adjust volume via the back keys or by dragging down the Notification Panel and accessing Sound.

  • Use pitch changes - checkmark to speak keyboard feedback in a lower-pitched voice.

  • Keyboard echo - choose among three keyboard feedback options: Always speak typed keys, Only for on-screen keyboard, and Never speak typed keys

  • Speak when screen is off - checkmark to enable audible notifications when screen is off/device is locked.

  • Use proximity sensor - checkmark to silence speech when the the proximity sensor is covered (by your hand or holding up to your head).

  • Shake to start continuous reading - select how hard the device needs to be shaken: Disabled, Very light, Light, Medium, Hard, and Very Hard.

  • Vibration feedback - checkmark to vibrate when screen is touched.

  • Sound feedback - checkmark to play audible alert when the screen is touched

  • Focus speech audio - checkmark to decrease other phone audio while speaking

  • Sound volume - change audible feedback in relation to media volume.

  • Explore by touch - checkmark to announce items when screen is touched.

  • Automatically scroll lists - checkmark to scroll lists when item has not been selected.

  • Single-tap selection - checkmark to tap once to open current selected item.

  • Launch Explore by touch tutorial - step by step guide how to use TalkBack.

  • Manage gestures - set gestures for common phone actions.

  • Manage custom labels - set custom labels for unlabeled images.

  • Resume from suspend - set when to resume TalkBack.

  • Developer settings - use when creating TalkBack compatible applications.

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