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Operation Cell Phones Last Updated 04/18/2018


Use the Location access setting to set your preferences for using and sharing your location when you search for information and use location-based applications, such as Maps.

Location settings changes on Android 4.4

Devices running Android 4.4 can use different modes to access location information. These modes replace the GPS satellites and Wi-Fi & mobile network options in previous versions of Android.

Each mode uses different sources to estimate your device’s location. Apps that have your permission can use this information to deliver location-based services, such as the ability to check in, view commute traffic, or find nearby restaurants.

The location icon will display in the top right corner of your device when precise location is being used by any app. Note that this is icon doesn’t indicate GPS activity; it means that one of the location modes you selected for your device is turned on.

Location for your device

From the Home screen, tap Apps > Settings > General tab > Location to access the following settings below.

When the Location switch  at the top of the screen is On, Tap Mode to select one of the following modes:

  • High accuracy (GPS and networks) - High accuracy mode uses GPS, Wi-Fi, mobile networks, and other sensors to get the highest-accuracy location for your device. It uses Google's location service to help estimate your location faster and more accurately.
  • Battery saving (Networks only) - Battery saving mode allows your device to estimate your location using low battery-intensive location sources, such as Wi-Fi and mobile networks. It uses Google's location service to help estimate your location faster and more accurately.
  • Device sensors only (GPS only) - Device only mode allows your device to estimate your location using GPS only. It doesn’t use Google's location service to provide location information. This mode may use more battery power and take longer to determine your location.

When the switch is Off, your device location isn’t shared with any apps.

Note: Turning off location for your device also turns it off for Google apps and non-Google apps. That means that apps can’t retrieve your device location, and many useful features will be disabled.

Control location in Quick Settings Bar

You can toggle location using the Location tile in the Quick Settings menu. To open Quick Settings on a phone, pull down the notification tray from the top of the screen and swipe left or right to locate and select Location.

You can take the following actions using the Location tile:

  • Touch the tile - Toggles location on or off.
  • Touch & hold - Opens the location settings menu.

Note: If you turn on location from the Quick Settings menu, you’ll receive a Location consent notification box. Selecting Disagree will put your device into Device sensors only (GPS only) mode, which may compromise the performance of apps.

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