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Operation Cell Phones Last Updated 04/19/2018


The Help app allows you to quickly and conveniently view information about your phone, including how-to videos, Icon glossary, etc.

To access Help, from the Home screen, tap Apps > Help

The following is a list of available Help topics:

Basic definitions

Tap a feature for a description and access to Settings, Tutoritals, Videos and Help content.

Basic setup

Tap to learn how to customize your phone, organize your Home screen, How to transfer contacts and media from a previous phone, how to set up email accounts, and how to set up a phone lock.

Step-by-step tutorials

Tap a tutorial below to get step-by-step instructions as you set up the feature.

How-to videos

Tap to view basic set-up and usage videos, My Verizon Mobile video, and additional How-to videos.

Icon glossary

Tap for a list of icons and their descriptions. These icons can be found in the notification bar.

User guide

Tap to view the LG User guide for your Verizon G VISTA.

My Verizon Mobile

Tap to View your Verizon mobile usage, Change your plan, Change your features, Pay your bill, and Manage your profile.

Tip settings

Tap to select the tips you would like to see again. You can also tap Turn all tips off and Turn all tips on.

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