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Operation Cell Phones Last Updated 04/20/2018

You can use the Email application to read email from services other than Gmail™. The Email application supports the following account types: POP3, IMAP and Microsoft Exchange (for Enterprise users). To setup email click here.

Note: Some Settings, Menus, or Icons may differ from that of your device depending on your software version and wireless service provider.

  1. From the Home screen, tap Apps  ICON > Email  ICON

  2. Tap the Compose icon  ICON  to compose a new message.

  3. Tap the Attach icon ICON to attach a file.

  4. Tap the Send icon ICON  when finished.

  1. From the Home screen, tap Apps  ICON > Email  ICON

Note: When new email arrives, a notification appears in the Status bar. Drag the Notifications panel downward and tap the email notification.

  1. Tap Inbox in upper left corner for a quick view of accounts.  Tap Combined view Inbox to view all emails in one chronological thread or an individual folder under each respective account.

  2. Tap the subject of an email to view.

  3. If there are attached files, they will display under the subject line. Tap the file to view.

  4. Tap Download button next to the attachment you want to save to memory.

Note: From the Home Screen, tap Apps ICON > File manager ICON > All files > Internal storage > Download ICON . Your saved files are located in this folder.

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