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Operation Cell Phones, LG Friends, Mobile Accessories, Smart Watches, Tablets Last Updated 04/18/2018

Speed dial allows users to quickly access a contact and save up to 98 contacts to a number (2 - 99) on the dial pad of the phone .

Note: By default, 1 is reserved for voice mail.

  1. Would you like to add, edit, remove or move a speed dial number? (tap the button to display desired action)Add EditRemoveMove
  2. To have this option apear, a contacts must already be asigned to the speed dial number.

    1. From the Home screen, tap Apps  > phone

    2. Tap menu > speed dial.

    3. Press and hold on the speed dial number to Edit.

    4. Tap Edit

    5. Select the new contact to link to the desired speed dial number

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