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Operation Cell Phones Last Updated 04/18/2018

Removing the battery

  1. On the LG G5, turn off the phone and hold it with the screen facing you.

  2. Press the module release button to release the battery module and then pull it out to remove it from your phone.

  3. While holding the lower part of the battery module, pull it in an outward arc (as shown) to disconnect the battery terminals.

Note: LG G5 is supplied with the battery inserted. When using the G5 for the first time, check the battery level and fully charge the battery before using the device if necessary.

Inserting the battery

  1. With the arrows on both the battery and the battery module facing towards you, firmly connect the battery to the module.

  2. With the battery aligned with the edge of the phone (as shown), carefully slide the battery and battery module into the phone until it's securely closed. You should hear a slight click when it's secured

Note: Never press the module eject key when inserting the module into the Lg G5.

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