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Setting Ring Tones, Alerts and Notifications

Operation Cell Phones, Mobile Accessories, Smart Watches, Tablets Last Updated 06/02/2018
Setting Ring Tones, Alerts and Notifications

Ringtones can be set on your device for incoming calls and for specific contacts. Your device comes with pre-loaded ring tones, however you are able to add more.

Note: Some Settings, Menus, or Icons may differ from that of your device depending on your software version and wireless service provider.

Set a Ringtone

  1. Open Settings > Sound tab > Ringtone.

  2. Select a ringtone and press OK. The ringtone is now set.

Add a Custom Ringtone

  1. Open Music > Locate the song you want to set as a ring tone.

  2. Press and hold the song

    • Phone ringtone will add the song to your ring tone list and sets it for all your incoming calls.

    • Caller ring tones adds the song to your ring tone list but allows you to set it for a specific contact.

  3. Select from where you would like the song to start and where to end, you can press the play button to ensure its set to your liking.

  4. Press OK to set it as a ring tone.

Editing a contact's ring tone

  1. Open contacts

  2. Select the contact you wish to edit the ring tone for.

  3. Press Edit

  4. Tap Ringtone

  5. Choose the desired ringtone (custom ring tones will be at the top of the list).

  6. Press Ok when done.

Ring and vibrate

  1. Open Settings > Sound tab > set Ring with vibration ON

Using a Voice recording as a ring tone

    Note: If you use the default app, HD Audio Recorder , the recordings will be saved to the internal storage in a folder called AudioRecorder.

  1. Use the File Manager app (or connect the phone to a PC) to locate the folder AudioRecorder and open it.

  2. Tap Menu > Select Move or Copy.

    • Move: Moves the file form current folder to another by removing it from the original folder.

    • Copy: Makes a copy of the file in a set destination, while leaving the original file in its starting folder.

  3. Locate the recording you want to move or copy as a ring tone and select it.

  4. Tap Move or Copy on the bottom right.

  5. Select the Ringtones folder and tap OK on the bottom right.

  6. When you go back to the Settings > Sound tab > Ringtone Your recording is now a selectable ringtone.

Rename the voice recording file

  1. Using the File Manager , locate the file you want to rename

  2. Press and holding the file

  3. Select Rename

  4. Enter the desired name

  5. Tap Save when done.

Set a Notification

  1. Open Settings > Sound tab > Notification sounds.

  2. Select a notification and press OK. The Notification is now set.

Editing a specific apps notification

Lets say you want to change the notification sound on the text messaging app

  1. Open the app you wish to change the Notification sound.

  2. Press the Menu > Settings

  3. Tap Notification > Sounds

  4. Choose the desired notification.

  5. Press Ok when done.

To access Audio & Ringtones, from the standby screen, press the Left Soft Key (Menu) > Settings > Audio & Ringtones.


  • Sounds: Allows you to set a sound as the ringtone for your phone.

  • Volume: Allows you to control your Ringtone volume.

  • Alert Type: Supports 3 ring alert types: Ring, Ring and Vibration, and Ring after Vibration.

Message Tone

  • Sounds: Allows you to set a sound as your message tone.

  • Volume: Allows you to control your Message Tone volume.

  • Alert Type: Supports 4 message alert types: Silent, Vibrate, Ring Only, Ring & Vibrate.

  • Alert Interval: Allows you to set the interval alert to Once, Every 2 Min, Every 5 Min, Every 10 Min, or Every 15 Min.

Alert Tone

  • Sounds: Allows you to select a set of alert tones. Supports 2 alert tone types: Alert Tone 1 and Alert Tone 2.

  • Volume: This menu allows you to control your Alert Tone volume.

  • Alert Type: You can select to turn Alert Tones to Ring or Silent.

Keypad Tone

  • Sounds: Allows you to select a tone that the phone sounds when a key is pressed on the dial pad. You can select an option from Beep and Voice.

  • Volume: Allows you to control your Keypad Tone volume.

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