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LG G7 ThinQ - Google Assistant Key

Operation Cell Phones Last Updated 11/27/2018
LG G7 ThinQ - Google Assistant with LG Integration

Your voice activated personal assistant can control your favorite LG features and is able to perform device specific tasks.

Your device has the Google Assistant built-in. Find answers and get things done while on-the-go.

  • Press the Google Assistant key on the side of the phone to launch Google Assistant.

  • With the screen unlocked, double-tap the Google Assistant key to open Google Lens.

  • Press and hold the key to launch Google Assistant and quickly talk to your Assistant.

• The button is disabled when using the camera and during a call. When the screen is locked you are unable to launch to Google Lens and will need to unlock the screen to launch Google Assistant.
• The Google Assistant key is grayed out when the Assist app is not set to the correct service. To enable, open Settings icon > General tab > icon App & notifications > Default apps > Assist & voice input > Assist app. Set the Assist app to Enhanced Google service.

    1. Open Settings icon > General tab > icon Shortcut keys

    2. Toggle the Google Assistant key OFF icon

  • Just say: “Hey, Google…”

    • “Set alarm for 11:30am.”
    • “Stop the timer.”
    • “Take a wide-angle picture.”
    • “Take a wide-angle selfie.”
    • “Record a wide-angle video.”
    • “Open Manual Mode on camera.”
    • “Take a panorama shot.”
    • “Take a slow-motion/time lapse video.”
    • “Take a photo with food mode.”
    • “Take a photo with portrait mode.”
    • “Take a photo with low light mode.”
    • "Open camera with AI Cam."
    • "Do a visual search with Google Lens."
    • "Scan a QR Code with Google Lens."
    • "Save a business card with Google Lens."
    • "Translate a document with Google Lens.”

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