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LG V35 ThinQ - Gaming Tools

Operation Cell Phones Last Updated 11/22/2018
LG V35 ThinQ - Gaming Tools

This features provides quick access to gaming related features while playing a game. Gaming Tools menu displays as an overlay when a game is active, giving you quick access to take a screenshot, adjust game graphics, dimming the screen when you want to take a break to save battery life, and new to LG V35ThinQ the ability to Disable alerts while in the game.

To toggle gaming tools:

  1. Tap Settings icon > General tab > icon Gaming > Gaming tools > toggle it ON icon or OFF icon

  2. With a game active, tap the Gaming Tools icon icon from the navigation bar. Many games run in full screen so simply swipe where the navigation buttons normally are to see the Gaming Tools icon.

  3. Tap the icon for the option you want to access.

  4. gaming tools

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