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Connecting Your Wireless Subwoofer - Soundbar, Sound Plate, Home Theater

Installation Home Audio Last Updated 09/19/2018
Connecting Your Wireless Subwoofer

LG wireless subwoofers easy to set up, and you won't need to run a wire to connect it to your audio system.

Setting up your wireless subwoofer for the first time is effortless.

  1. Connect the power cord of the main unit and the wireless subwoofer to the outlet.

  2. Turn on the main unit: The main unit and wireless subwoofer will be automatically connected.

Note: The closer the main unit and the subwoofer, the better the sound quality. It is recommended to install the main unit and the subwoofer as close as possible (within 15ft).

If the subwoofer does not reproduce the desired bass sounds, check the following:

  • Is there an obstacle between the main unit and the subwoofer?

  • Is there a device using same frequency as this wireless connection, such as medical equipment, a microwave, or a wireless LAN device?

When the subwoofer is not properly paired with the soundbar, the led will be on, but will not be solid green.

To reset the subwoofer, and pair it back to the soundbar:

Note: In some cases, these steps may need to be repeated until the timing works out correctly.

  1. Set volume to MIN

    Adjust the volume level of the main unit to the minimum.

    Note: VOL MIN appears on the display window for models with full displays. For models with partial displays, the red light on the soundbar will be solid red when at the minimum volume.

  2. Hold the Mute button

    Press and hold Mute on the remote control for about 3 seconds.

    Some units may require the square Stop button on the soundbar to be held instead (also for 3 seconds).

    Note: WL RESET, Remate, or similar messages appear on the display window briefly for models with full displays. For models with partial displays, the red led (that was solid from min vol) will now flash.

  3. Press the pairing button on the subwoofer

    Note: If the LED of the wireless subwoofer already blinks green continually, you can skip this step.

    Press and hold PAIRING on the back of the wireless subwoofer for more than 5 seconds, until the led on the subwoofer blinks red and green alternating.

  4. Unplug both units

    Unplug the power cord of the soundbar and the wireless subwoofer.

  5. Plug both back in

    Connect them again after the LED of the main unit and the wireless subwoofer are fully turned off.

    The main unit and the wireless subwoofer will be paired automatically when you turn on the main unit.

    Note: When the connection is completed, you can see the steady green LED on the subwoofer.

  6. Visit Community Forum

    Our community forum is a good place to get feedbacks and solutions from other people having the same issues such as subwoofer not pairing.

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