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Home Theater Powers On/Off Intermittently - Soundbar, Sound Plate, Home Theater

Troubleshooting Home Audio Last Updated 05/10/2018
Home Theater Powers On/Off Intermittently - Soundbar/Sound Plate/Home Theater

This type of issue usually occurs when the power cord is loose or the Home Theater isn't receiving proper ventilation.

Please answer a few questions to determine if service is needed.

  1. Is the unit's power cord securely plugged-in to both the back of the Home Theater and an electrical outlet?
    (Please check both locations, cords may come loose sometimes) Yes No
  2. Plug the unit securely into an electrical outlet. Loose cords are the leading cause of intermittent power issues.

  3. Is the Home Theater well ventilated? Yes Ventilation Recommendations
  4. Specific ventilation recommendations for your Home Theater model can be found in your user's manual. Below are some general recommendations:

    • Do not cover the product with cloth or other materials while plugged in.
    • Do not install in excessively dusty places.
    • Keep the product away from direct sunlight (it may overheat).
  5. Is the Auto Power Off feature enabled? No What is this?
  6. Auto Power Off will power the unit off after 20 minutes of inactivity.

    • Depending on your Home Theater model, access Settings > Others > Auto Power Off.
    • Disable the feature by choosing Off.
    • If the issue persists, Schedule a Repair.
  7. Please Schedule a Repair.

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