Request for repair service conveniently online for your LG products. Request for repair service conveniently online for your LG products.

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Need a repair for your LG product? Request repair service conveniently online.
If you are an LG Premium Care Service Plan customer, please call 866-558-2559. *Required fields
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All Mobile Device repair requests are processed through our LG Mobile Repair site.
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First class Customer Care Experience

LG Your product qualifies for the LG VIP Customer Care program Call our special LG VIP customer support representative number 855-400-4640 to set up your repair service

If you are unsure of your warranty status, refer to the Owners Manual or in-box packaging for the product Warranty Statement. Be sure to have your date of purchase available for warranty confirmation.

Business Product repair requests can be handled using the following methods:
Request SWAP Request RA (888) 865-3026

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A technician will visit your home to perform the service.

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3-2.Policies & Information

Read and agree to the Repair and Privacy Policies, and choose a date and time if available.

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Unfortunately, Real-Time scheduling is not available in your area at this time. An LG representative will call you within the next 2 business days to schedule your appointment.

LG Onsite Repair Service Policy

Before LG can process your Repair Service request, you must review our LG Onsite Repair Service Policy

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LG Ship In Repair Service Policy

Request repair service for your ship-in product. Please review our Ship-in Repair Service Policy and all instructions for returning your product to the LG Product Repair Center.

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