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LG BRIDGE - Download & How to Use

Operation Cell Phones, LG Friends, Mobile Accessories, Smart Watches, Tablets Last Updated 05/22/2019

LG Bridge brings all your LG devices (phones and tablets) together. You can manage, update, and back up your devices all in one place. Use LG Bridge to:

  • LG AirDrive - Manage content on your devices wirelessly
  • LG Backup - Back up or restore content on your mobile device via USB
  • Software update - update your mobile devices software via USB

If you have an older device you may need to use PC Suite click here for more information.

Note: Features may differ depending on connected mobile device.

To download LG bridge, choose your operating system:

Windows     Mac  

How to Install

To start the set up, click Next.

select your country and click Next.

Add a check mark to both boxes to "agree" and click Next.

Select the location of where to save the program and click Install

Wait for the progress to complete and click Next.

if you wish to open the LG bridge, place a check mark next to the option and click finish to close the install.

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Note: If the language displayed from the installation is incorrect, click Settings Settings menu on the top right and select the correct language from the drop down. (language will be in the same location no matter what language bridge is set to.)

LG AirDrive can wirelessly connect your device to your computer to manage copy, move, or delete files from your device.

Note: LG AirDrive must be pre-installed on your mobile device to work and can not be downloaded.

Click the AirDrive tab, Ensure your phone is connected to the computer and sign in

On your cell phone, login using the same account used on your computer.


On your mobile device tap Settings icon > Networks tab> AirDrive .


On your mobile device, tap Settings icon > Networks tab > Share & connect icon > LG Bridge.


Use a file explorer on your computer to view your connected mobile device as a drive. Drag and drop files to and from your mobile device as you would any other drive on your computer.

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LG Backup can backup your mobile devices LG Home screen, device settings, apps, and contacts to your computer.

Note: Not all mobile devices are supported. Mobile device backups can only be restored to a mobile device and cannot be read by the computer (i.e. contacts). If you wish to directly connect your android phone to the computer to transfer files manually click here for further instructions.

Click the LG Backup tab, Ensure your phone is connected to the computer and click Back Up

Wait for your computer to establish a connection.

Select your the information you want to back up and click Next.

Select each of the files you wish to back up by placing a check mark next to them, once ready, click Start

Note: Each category can be expanded to sub sections.

Click Ok on the pop up, if you wish to not see that message again, check mark don't show this again.

Wait for the back up to start.

Bridge will indicate each section and its overall progress.

The information will then be sent to the computer.

Once done, LG Bridge will say Backup Complete.

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Note: You can only restore the phone if you have previously made a back up.

Click the LG Backup tab, Ensure your phone is connected to the computer and click Restore

Select your last back up and click Next.

Select the files you wish to restore.

Wait for the restore process to complete.

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Click the Software update tab, Ensure your phone is connected to the computer and click Software update

Wait for the unit to check for the software update and if there is, it will automatically start.

In the case your phone gets disconnected or the update freezes, on the bottom right corner of LG bridge, select Update error recovery.

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