Single Split

A Single Split air conditioning system is an ideal choice for various retail stores. Its compatibility with a wide range of indoor units elevates the comfort of the space and provides optimal energy efficiency and reliable performance.

What is Single Split?

From an ant's perspective, a café unfolds, adorned with chairs, tables, and plants, while an LG round cassette is displayed at the ceiling. From an ant's perspective, a café unfolds, adorned with chairs, tables, and plants, while an LG round cassette is displayed at the ceiling.

Single Split System

A Single Split system, notably characterized by one indoor and one outdoor unit, is exceptionally compact and quiet. This efficient pairing enables optimal energy savings and ideal climate control for any space.

Key Features

* Please note that a WiFi modem may be necessary, depending on your location.

Product Lineup

* Product lineup can be varied by each country.


What is an inverter air conditioner and how does it work?
An inverter AC can adjust the compressor's motor speed to regulate the temperature. Compared to a fixed speed compressor, a variable speed compressor is best known for higher energy efficiency and lower noise.
What is Fin technology and how important is it?
Fin technology is designed for enhanced corrosion resistance, protecting the air conditioning condenser coils from corrosion and rust. The following technologies significantly increase the cooling efficiency and longevity of air conditioners.

- Gold Fin technology: The exclusive gold-colored anti-corrosion coating is applied to the Fin of the heat exchanger. The Gold Fin technology ensures that the heat exchanger is more durable and the surface is more resistant to corrosion for much longer.

- Black Fin technology: The black coating with enhanced epoxy resin is applied to the external units of the air conditioner for strong protection from various corrosive external conditions, such as salt contamination and air pollution, including fumes.
Does a Single Split system require maintenance?
A single split system needs regular maintenance. This includes a thorough filter cleaning each year to help them run more efficiently and lower running costs. LG’s superior compressor technologies support stable performance across a wide range of temperatures.
Where should I install the indoor unit of a Single Split system?
The proper installation location of each type of indoor unit is conducive to optimal performance.

A. Ceiling Mounted Cassette
A ceiling-mounted cassette type offers excellent suitability for commercial use, including in cafes, bakeries, and clothing stores. For ideal environmental comfort, installing the unit in a central location on the ceiling is recommended.

B. Ceiling Concealed Duct
A ceiling-concealed duct enables simultaneous cooling for multiple rooms, such as offices or hotels. It is best to install the duct high on the wall or on the ceiling, free from any obstructions that may block the vent.

C. Floor Standing Unit
To ensure optimal airflow, a floor-standing unit should ideally be installed facing the same direction as a window, and the vent should be kept clear of obstructions.

D. Wall Mounted Unit
For the ideal installation of a wall-mounted unit, position it at the center of the room, close to the ceiling, with no obstructions blocking the vent.
What is the difference between Single Split and Multi Split?
A Single Split refers to an air conditioning system where one indoor unit is paired with one outdoor unit. A Multi Split system, on the other hand, allows multiple indoor units to operate with one outdoor unit.

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