3 Conscious Tips for a Better You in 2022 | LG EXPERIENCE

Better You, Better Planet: We’re sharing a few simple tips to help you make more sustainable choices all year long.

If you’re still sitting down to pen your intentions for the upcoming year, why not focus on becoming a better you while also helping the planet? From the way you handle waste at home to the purchase decisions you make as a consumer, just a few small lifestyle changes can have a major impact in the long run—for yourself and the environment. 

1. Create a zero-waste space at home

According to the UNEP, half of the plastic produced around the world is created for single-use purposes before remaining on the planet for several hundred years.1 On the individual level, reducing waste can be as easy as making sure your household reuses and recycles as much as possible.

Designate part of your home to your Zero Waste mission, so that you’ll have space to sort your recycling quickly and easily. Whether you’re cleaning and repurposing glass jam jars to eliminate wasteful takeaway containers or taking care to recycle the plastic you collect, every small effort adds up.

In addition to recycling at home, think ahead by only buying products packaged in recycled materials. Our eco-minded LG soundbars, for example, are created and packaged with sustainability in mind by using smaller L-shaped boxes to reduce CO2 production. Some soundbars are made from recycled plastic, and others come with packaging made from recycled pulp.2

2. Monitor your energy consumption

A woman uses the LG ThinQ app on her smartphone
A woman uses the LG ThinQ app on her smartphone

How much power do you use to run your home appliances? With rising energy prices, you might be more aware of it than usual right now—and of course, reducing your energy consumption is as good for your wallet as it is for the planet! Make 2022 the year you start paying closer attention to your household energy consumption and see where you can save.

Smart appliances, like those that connect with our LG ThinQ app, make keeping an eye on your energy usage as easy as checking an app on your phone. Watching out for the air loss from your refrigerator is a great way to reduce energy consumption and get more out of a product you use all day, every day. Our LG InstaView™ smart refrigerators are perfect for this, as you can see what’s inside them without opening the door. That significantly reduces cold air loss by keeping it where it needs to be—on the inside!

3. Ditch fast fashion and choose clothing that lasts

Did you know that the fashion industry produces more than 92 million tonnes of waste every year?3 Forget trying to keep up with the ever-changing fashion trends—ethical, sustainable clothing is where it’s at this year. 

Rather than continually buying from the online clothing giants and big high-street fashion brands, care for what you wear and make your wardrobe last. Now is the time to take a step back and think about quality and longevity when it comes to buying new clothes in the year ahead.


Build an ethical wardrobe that lasts by shopping locally from independent brands you can trust, and then give your carefully chosen clothes the care they need for a long life. Using the right washing machine is a great way to make sure your clothes last as long as they should, and LG’s clever AI DD™ technology uses AI to automatically select the ideal washing pattern for each fabric type by detecting the weight and softness of every load.4 This can give your laundry 18% more fabric protection.5

So, make a global impact and become a better you by choosing goals that improve your household habits and the environment. It’s a win-win!

Life’s Good!

1 www.unep.org/interactive/beat-plastic-pollution/

2 Only SP7Y has recycled fabric.

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4 AI DD is available in 3 cycles. (Cotton, Mixed Fabric, Easy Care) 

5 Tested by Intertek in March 2019. Cotton cycle with 2kg of underwear compared to LG Conventional Cotton cycle(F4V9RWP2W vs. FC1450S2W). The results may be different depending on the clothes and environment.