When it comes to luxury in the home there are few better options than having your own cinema. And thanks to technological advances it is now even easier to create a cinematic experience in the comfort of your own house. 

However, there is plenty to consider if you want to create the perfect cinema experience, from purchasing the right television or projector to room lighting and even the position of your screen and sound system. 

Below you will find numerous home cinema ideas that will help transform one of your rooms into your favourite space in the house. 

Ambient lighting

Much like in a real cinema, the importance of having the right lighting cannot be undervalued. It helps set the mood and create the right ambiance. By purchasing smart lights you will be able to connect them wirelessly to your LG TV through Apple Airplay, Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant. 

Not only does this remove the need for unsightly cables, but you will be able to match the lighting to your viewing experience. You will have ultimate control of the brightness, colour and temperature of the lights, while also being able to sync the lighting to a film or television show. 

A couple watches the LG TV in their home cinema room.
A couple watches the LG TV in their home cinema room.

The perfect position

Refrain from simply purchasing the largest screen possible and instead evaluate the size of your room and where your seating will be located. This is crucial as it will help you to understand what screen resolution you require and also how big the display can be. 

For a true home cinema experience, you do not want to be able to see individual pixels from your seating position and require exceptional clarity. One rule that can be followed is that for every 4-4.5cm you are away from the screen, there should be one inch on the screen’s diagonal. Therefore, if you have three metres between your seat and an LG Full HD TV, then a diagonal of up to 75 inches is ideal. 

Should you decide to purchase a LG 4K television, then the equation is doubled, meaning you could purchase a 150-inch TV even if you are just three metres away, and you will still have a crystal clear picture. 

When it comes to home movie theatre seating ideas, the most common designs for home theatres are recliners, but a comfy couch or even floor pillows or bean bags can help create an immersive cinematic experience.  

Correct positioning for your home cinema room TV.
Correct positioning for your home cinema room TV.

Immersive sound

The very best cinemas use Dolby Atmos to create incredible surround sound, and this can be replicated at home through a LG SL10YG Sound Bar. Developed in collaboration with audio specialists Meridian, the High Resolution Audio delivers 192kHz sampling rates and 24bit depth, both of which contribute to more accurate sound. 

Featuring a minimalist design, this flagship LG Sound Bar features Dolby Atmos and DTS:X which allows soundtracks to move in three-dimensional space, meaning the sound is completely immersive. You can also upgrade the system with the optional SPK8-S, a wireless rear speaker which adds two audio channels for elevated and more powerful sound. 

Blackout is a necessity

Many home cinemas will have to compete with natural light invading the space, therefore it is vital to invest in blackout curtains to completely nullify this challenge. 

This thick material is ideal for a cinema room as it replicates the darkness of a theatre. It is also now possible to purchase automated blinds that can be controlled through an LG Smart TV, meaning that you can create the perfect ambiance before you settle down to watch your favourite film. 

Watching a movie on an LG projector in the home cinema room.
Watching a movie on an LG projector in the home cinema room.

Why OLED is the best option

On top of creating the perfect viewing environment, choosing the right television is crucial. That is why the LG OLED TV would perfectly suit your own home cinema. With pixels that switch themselves on and off without needing a backlight, films and TV shows are enhanced thanks to the deepest shades of black and brilliant whites.

Scenes are packed with 8.3 million pixels of extraordinary depth and detail, while colours are chosen from a palette of more than one billion. Combined with 4K resolution (and an incoming 8K model), LG OLED TVs are remarkably thin and perfectly blend into their surroundings. 

An LG 8K TV creates the ultimate home cinema room.
An LG 8K TV creates the ultimate home cinema room.

Consider a 4K projector 

If you are fortunate to have a large space for your home cinema then there are a range of LG projectors that mean you don’t have to compromise on image quality. Portable, compact and offering Full HD, these are perfect for showcasing films, TV shows and sporting events.

However, for unrivalled quality the leading choice is the LG 4K UHD Laser CineBeam Projector. Capable of projecting onto a 150-inch screen and with a resolution of 3840 x 2160, it features wireless mirroring and LG Sound Sync which allows it to sync with any LG soundbar. 

If you are looking for home theatre projector ideas, than interior blogger Lydia’s Layton Life has the 4K projector in her living room and it looks every bit the cinema experience – check out how she decorated her space for some cinema room inspiration.

Don’t forget about the wi-fi

One area of your home cinema that can be overlooked is your wi-fi connection, which is vitally important if you want a seamless viewing experience. With so many LG products utilising smart technology, you will want to make sure that you have a strong signal. 

If your wi-fi is struggling then consider purchasing a wi-fi repeater which transmits a boosted signal. This is achieved by containing two wireless routers, one which picks up the existing network and another which transmits the improved signal. 

The finishing touches

It is important to also consider the aesthetics of your cinema room, though there is no need to go overboard as cinemas are minimalist for a reason. You want everything in the space to complement the viewing experience so you should consider furniture that offers maximum comfort. Thick wallpaper and rugs that can help with the soundproofing of the room, even if just to a small extent, will also create a more immersive atmosphere. 

You can also enhance the overall experience with some cinema-themed accessories. Vintage film posters are a great touch as are framed tickets from classic movies, while a popcorn maker or an mini bar fridge is ideal for easy access to drinks and your favourite snacks. 

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