SIGNATURE KITCHEN SUITE, the luxury built-in home appliance brand that stays true to food, was introduced on a global scale for the very first time at Milan Design Week in 2018. The suite has been designed to pay homage to those who create food for our kitchens and tables: from farmers to fishermen, butchers, and bakers. After winning over consumers in Korea and the United States, the SIGNATURE KITCHEN SUITE has now made an equally stunning impression on its European audience.

The Trendsetter of European Kitchen Designs

You no longer have to be a Top Chef or win MasterChef to cook the way professionals do. The kitchen of your dreams has arrived. SIGNATURE KITCHEN SUITE embraces the new generation of forward thinking cooks, who combine their passion for food with an appreciation for innovation. With cutting-edge technology that provides more flexibility to prepare food, LG has become the trendsetter of European Kitchen designs. The luxury home appliance boasts a built-in sous vide (among all other forms of cooking) and Wi-Fi connectivity, with its SmartThinQ™ technology that allows control of a wide range of appliances at home via an app.

But the mainstay of the SIGNATURE KITCHEN SUITE is its design and precision. The design embodies the spirit of advanced craftsmanship, innovation, usability and premium service, all the while thinking of people who are using it and those who will ultimately enjoy the end product: the food.

An image of kitchen with lg signature kitchen suite dual fuel pro range, dishwasher and 30-inch-integrated-column-refrigerator.
An image of kitchen with lg signature kitchen suite dual fuel pro range, dishwasher and 30-inch-integrated-column-refrigerator.
Milan Design Week – An Annual Celebration of Design 

Being an interior designer’s paradise, Milan Design Week was the best place for SIGNATURE KITCHEN SUITE to make its debut. To ensure that the SIGNATURE KITCHEN SUITE provides the best all round experience for European consumers, LG collaborated with a number of luxury furniture brands that also featured LG kitchen products.

The stunning platinum brand of home appliances showed off its no-handle oven, induction cooktop, a seven-inch LCD panel that switches off completely, and black glass addition. The handle-less auto door and a sleep mode plus motion sensor on the LCD panel make the SIGNATURE KITCHEN SUITE blend into the background like a part of the furniture. So much so, that it blurs the line between a ‘product’ and your living space, giving it perfect symmetry.

And in true LG style, a red LED mood light appears when a person is cooking to inform them that the cooking range is in function – all integrated beautifully in the design of the SIGNATURE KITCHEN SUITE. It truly is the perfect way to create culinary works of art.

The Icing on the Cake: A Red Dot Design Award

Red Dot Design Awards, one of the world’s top three honours in design along with the iF Design Awards and IDEA (International Design Excellence Awards), awarded LG the ‘best of the best’ award for the US version of the ultra premium built-in SIGNATURE KITCHEN SUITE Pro Range oven.

Life’s Good!