IFA 2017: Berlin through the lens of LG’s latest Smartphone | LG EXPERIENCE

Touch down!

It’s early in the morning, so we decide to start in the city centre. We find our way to one of Berlin’s “must-see” landmarks ready to start our photographic journey by testing the camera on the LG V30.

Whether it is Berlin’s exuberant artistic atmosphere or our excitement to capture the breathtaking scenery, but please note, we’re partial to a group selfie and the latest smartphone from LG, the V30 is perfect for this! Is there a better way to start the day? We doubt it.

Life’s good when you are in Berlin

The day continues with a visit to Viktoriapark, one of Berlin’s oldest parks, which opened over 120 years ago.  Viktoriapark is much more than your ordinary city park. From waterfalls to vineyards, not to mention a hand full of monuments, this park is full of treasures to behold! If you find yourself wanting some peace in the storm, you won’t have to look very far. The  park is seated atop a hill, offering  priceless views over the skyline of Berlin. This definitely calls for a panorama or even a 360 shot with your camera!

Now, let’s talk waterfalls. Need to cool off after a day in the sun? Again, you wouldn’t have to look much further! It’s quite a warm day, so when the sun starts to make its presence known, we decide to go cool off with some fun in the waterfalls. Can you imagine it? An amazing waterfall in the middle of one of Europe’s biggest cities? It is so cool—quite literally. Nonetheless, the best thing about Viktoriapark is how every corner of it hides another surprise turning every single visit into a cinematic journey. Switch on the Cine HDR mode on the V30 and you have everything you need to create your own independent short-movie.

After this adventure in the city wilderness, it is time to head back to civilisation. Up next is a local favourite, Maybachufer – The Turkish Market. When you first walk in you may get lost, but in a good way. There are so many bright colours, fragrant aromas, noises that transport your senses to Istanbul. As you walk along the market, you are invited to try something from every stand. Pulled in by vendors telling you the stories and journey of their products, enticing you to try and buy!

You can’t help put be pulled into a new world of culture, a city within a city – the best of two worlds. It is impossible to leave that market without a full heart (and belly).

Things you can look forward to:  varied selection of spices, vegetables, meat, fish, you name it, they have it - grab your camera and capture this panoply of colours and shapes. A walk across the Maybachufer is the ideal setting. Enable the V30’s camera in Manual Mode and enjoy clarity and perfection in every picture - Try it!

What a day! Berlin is a breathtaking city with abundance of culture, colour and things to do. We can’t wait for tomorrow to keep exploring this diverse city and all it has to offer.

Until then, take a look at today’s video-journey, all shot with the V30.  

Life's Good!