Turning homes into works of art with LG SIGNATURE | LG EXPERIENCE

When does art bring you joy? Maybe it’s when you seize the opportunity to steal away a Saturday afternoon and get lost in a museum. Or when you glance at the picture your child has lovingly drawn in your honour. Perhaps it’s when other senses are awakened, like taste, touch or sound.

The beauty of groundbreaking art is in its ability to tell a unique and beautiful story that speaks to our hearts. And the LG SIGNATURE Series finds art in the essence of what makes life good.

To do such a story justice, LG SIGNATURE has collaborated with the very best in design and artistic talent. Together they can showcase how the range fits perfectly into your own unique world, shifting from the idea of ‘essentials only’ to creative brilliance that spills over into other parts of your life.

We visited influential Hamburg architect Hadi Teherani and Munich industrial designer Stefan Diez, to find out how LG SIGNATURE products became their muses and help their environments ooze style and luxury. Below they share their stories:

Invest love into the details

According to Stefan, the LG SIGNATURE InstaView Door-in-Door Refrigerator is so alluring because of the attention to detail. “This double knock on the fridge, where you see what’s inside and then the airlock prevents you getting cold air; it’s really wonderful,” he enthused. “I find it impressive when you invest so much love into the details.”

Looking around Stefan’s work space, it’s clear he has examined every detail to make it somewhere that inspires his team and puts them in the right mood to create true art. Every plate, light, and work project has been placed with thoughtful care.

The space reflects the thought that goes into creating the LG SIGNATURE refrigerator - putting both cutting edge design and innovative technology in the spotlight, and simplifying your life while making it all the more beautiful.

Go on a journey with your space

Hadi, meanwhile, contends that the LG SIGNATURE Wallpaper OLED TV takes you far beyond a simple two dimensional screen. Like in his architecture, he felt himself being whisked away on a journey.

“You have to throw the arrow very far as a designer, and then take people on the journey alongside you to the target. With LG SIGNATURE’s TV, you see the screen as if you are the picture. As though it just breathed onto the wall. With 3mm minimalism, we can create that.”

Such a journey is exemplified throughout Hadi’s house, with sleek, heavenly white tones contrasting with the colours dancing on the SIGNATURE TV. There is an emphasis on minimalism, comfort and artistic flare. “As architects, this [TV] is minimalism like we never imagined.”

Add a touch of magic, like LG SIGNATURE

Sometimes, to get inspiration, you need to witness a moment of pure enchantment. Stefan adds to Hadi’s insights by revealing the LG SIGNATURE TV helped him develop his own work further.

“The whole system impressed me; just two and a half or three millimetres, and also, and also really flexible. It is really inspiring.” In fact, the TV led Stefan to design his own installation, where he integrated the flat screen into a ‘New Order’ shelf to place it perfectly into the room.  

By bringing together design with technology, LG SIGNATURE can provide the right mix of magic to inspire you to think outside the box, and create a piece of your own art.

Bring innovative design together with ease-of-use

There’s no point having the most beautiful home when the functionality is missing. Equally, without exquisite and alluring design, how can you feel good about using your appliances?

“Good design must be relevant to me and my needs,” Stefan says. “It must be implemented in a coherent manner, resulting in an intelligent product that is easy to use.”

Hadi agrees, using the LG SIGNATURE Air Purifier & Humidifier as an example. “The Air Purifier & Humidifier takes me away from the big city, where the air is not very good quality. When I open the window and the air is made fresh, I can see we really need and can use this product.”

LG SIGNATURE air purifier in a hallway while a man works in his office with a view of the garden
LG SIGNATURE air purifier in a hallway while a man works in his office with a view of the garden

The LG SIGNATURE range goes beyond designing products that fit perfectly in your background; they make your entire home experience one which is relaxing, productive, reassuring and above all, inspiring. And in doing so, your home and work become a place you can be excited about, like a piece of art that brings you joy.

Life’s good!