As smartphone displays get bigger, brighter and more colourful, their speakers should get better too, right? Unfortunately, as the casings get thinner and the batteries larger, space for high quality speakers has seemingly been sacrificed.

This means you have to carry a Bluetooth speaker everywhere you go, or resort to headphones and miss out on sharing your latest playlist with friends.

Thankfully, LG has put this right with the LG G7ThinQ, the new flagship smartphone which packs in a modern-day Boombox speaker.

What exactly does this mean? Firstly, this isn’t a Boombox you might have carried on your shoulder back in the day. This speaker cleverly uses the inside of the LG G7ThinQ as a massive resonance chamber to get seriously loud and produce real, rumbling bass.

Remember how placing your smartphone in an empty glass made the sound louder? That’s what is going on here; the Boombox speaker uses the space inside the phone like the air in that glass, using its immediate surroundings as a passive speaker to vibrate more air, producing more sound.

Ten times the resonance turns your music up to 11  

This ingenious design means the LG G7ThinQ’s BoomBox speaker has a resonance chamber 10x larger than that of a traditional smartphone. Compared to the LG G6, the G7ThinQ boasts a resonance chamber which is 25x larger.

All this means the bass is so strong that you can feel it pounding when you hold the LG G7ThinQ in your hand. Instead of your hand muffling the sound, the rumbling bass makes you a part of the action, as you feel the thumping soundtrack of a movie, or the explosions of the game you’re playing.

Put down the phone, crank up the volume

The way LG has designed the G7ThinQ and its BoomBox speaker resonance chamber means the sound output gets even louder when you place it on any surface.

Thanks to how the speaker utilises the whole phone to produce sound, putting it down makes it even louder. So the next time you’re in the park with friends, leave the wireless outdoor speaker at home and be safe in the knowledge that the LG G7ThinQ can bring the noise wherever you go.

Or how about when you’re at a friend’s house? If hooking up a Bluetooth speaker just isn’t convenient, simply put down your phone and turn up the music for the next best thing.

If you’re wondering how to test your speakers at home, simply try placing it on any surface and you’ll notice that the sound is instantly enhanced. You’ll notice that you can also experience different sounds depending on the type of surface. Trying out your speakers with different genres of music will also allow you to sound check your speakers, ensuring crystal clear audio.

Cinema surround sound in your pocket

Aside from the industry-leading BoomBox speaker, the LG G7ThinQ also packs audio technology to bring cinema-style audio to the palm of your hand.

Support for DTS:X, the object-based audio codec which allows for three-dimensional surround sound, means the LG G7ThinQ can handle soundtracks up to the 7.1 configuration. Cue up a movie and prepare to be blown away by sound with depth and height normally only found in the cinema. Think of it as your own wireless surround sound, right there in your hand.

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Life’s good!