Whether you’re looking to get your fellow festival-goers bouncing between the headline sets, or enjoying some quality time with friends by the pool, XBOOM Go powers any party from dawn ‘til dusk.

Other portable speakers can sound tinny and lack oompth at the low end, but LG and Meridian Audio have partnered up to deliver a new standard of sound satisfaction from the new XBOOM Go range. Read on below to find out more about best-in-class Bluetooth audio and discover the best summer speakers.

What is the XBOOM Go speaker?  

The XBOOM Go packs portability and party-ability into one smooth, lightweight design to create a Bluetooth-enabled speaker that will keep the tunes coming long into the night.

To create a powerful portable speaker playing at the highest of high fidelity, sonic pioneers Meridian Audio came on board to lend their technical expertise to XBOOM Go.

They’ve tinkered with the tech, made changes to the hardware and run intense listener-led testing on the XBOOM Go in order to ensure it’s the best it can possibly be. The XBOOM Go represents LG’s best ever audio output – playing the soundtrack to your summer.

What makes XBOOM Go the perfect summer speaker?

The XBOOM Go touts a triple threat of key feature areas which make it the must-have music player for poolside and festival hangouts. Unbeatable sound quality inspired by Meridian, long-lasting battery life and rugged design - XBOOM Go is an instantaneous party-starter. Here’s how it happens.

Sound quality

Meridian Audio brings its engineering expertise to LG’s portable speaker, with signature Enhanced Bass and Clear Vocal modes bringing the most out of every track. Every beat of the Hospital Records back catalogue is beefed up by the Enhanced Bass setting – even more so through the speaker’s Dual Passive Radiators. When you’re listening to your favourite tunes, you'll quickly realise the vocals have never sounded crisper in delivery.


Take the party with you, thanks to the easy portability of the XBOOM Go. The slimline design has two handles for you to get to grips with, so you can grab and go. And there’s more – take the fun as far as you want, with the massive 22-hour battery life* of the XBOOM Go, there’s no need to pause the party for a recharge.



The XBOOM Go is the light of the party too – with multi-colour lighting in the woofers and sparkle strip lighting above and below. The lights pulse in time with the pounding bassline to provide a multi-sensory experience. You can even take control of the stunning displays using the LG Music Flow Bluetooth app. And if the weather lets you down, the Advanced IPX5 technology means your splashproof speaker still holds up.

Use Bluetooth to connect to two devices simultaneously, and double your DJ power. You’ll be able to stream the best of the festivals to your XBOOM Go while a friend weaves in the club classics between sets. It’s the best of both worlds – and the obvious choice for all things Hospital Records.


It’s not just your smartphone that you can connect the XBOOM Go too. You can also connect it to your LG TV to amplify its sound and enhance your at-home theatre experience. Simply select Bluetooth then look for and select your Bluetooth speaker. This portable TV speaker may become especially handy when on holiday with friends or simply for movie nights at home.

Hospital Records x XBOOM Go

For more than 20 years Hospital Records has been at the forefront of the British Drum and Bass scene. They promote the biggest acts in the genre alongside up-and-coming performers through their development label Med School Music and regularly sell out big venues with their events brand, Hospitality. Most recently selling out Hospitality In The Dock 2018 in the Spring with headliners Camo & Krooked, Danny Byrd and Congo Natty, the label then went on to launch their international festival Hospitality On The Beach in Croatia, as well as celebrate the third instalment of flagship London festival Hospitality In The Park this September. Hospital Records takes pride in the soaring popularity of their well established artists such as Fred V & Grafix, who are collaborating on exclusive new music with LG that’s best played loud on the XBOOM Go range.

Chris Goss, Co-Founder and Managing & Artistic Director of Hospital Records said “The trademark sonics of Fred V & Grafix are a perfect soundtrack to mirror the spirit of this new speaker system. The Hospital Records audience encompasses all manner of musical minds from concert goers to weekend ravers, and the XBOOM Go range suits the needs of our fanbase well.”

To get your hands on your very own party-starting XBOOM Go, visit the LG website and find out more about the Hospital Records collaboration that’s got everybody talking.