From black and white designs to the breakthrough of colour, analog to to digital, and digital to smart TVs, LG has long been at the forefront of the TV evolution. Below we revisit some of the key historic moments in the development of the television and explore the legacy of LG TVs.


With the 55-inch Full HD LCD TV (55LP10D), LG was able to exceed the size barrier of 50 inches and thus presented in 2004 the world's largest TV at this time. In the same year, LG again hit the limits with the 71-inch Full HD PDP TV.


In 2011, the world's first 84- inch Ultra HD TV was introduced and at the beginning of this year the 98-inch 8K TV (98UH98) with HDR image quality was also available.

A front view of old lg pdp tv
A front view of old lg pdp tv

This was also the year that LG made history with the OLED TV – the LG 15-inch 15EL9500 OLED TV. What distinguished OLED from other TV technologies is its ability to deactivate individual pixels. This results in a sharp image, in perfect black, with appealing colours and extraordinary contrast ratios.

Due to the deep black shades, all other colors appear much more powerful and have more vitality as well infinitely variable light areas. With 10-bit computing power, the LG OLED TVs can display one billion colors with the finest details and color gradations. 

With the support of BT2020, the next generation for signal transmission, the LG OLED TVs will also be up to date in the future. With the introduction of the first complete OLED TV line-up at the CES 2012 LG received worldwide attention.


In 2013, the first 55-inch OLED TV was launched and in 2014 LG presented the first 4K OLED TV. Last year, LG presented the world's first HDR-capable 4K OLED TV, followed by the flagship LG SIGNATURE OLED TV.

A left perspective view of lg signature wall paper tv
A left perspective view of lg signature wall paper tv

Since the introduction of the first Korean television, the Korean electronics industry has reached a whole new level. Thus, today many of the innovative LG technologies are found in households around the world.

Present day

Thanks to its OLED TV technology, LG has secured its place at the forefront of the global premium TV market and the outlook for the next 50 years looks even more positive than the first half century.  

Only last year, LG reached a milestone with 500 million sold branded TVs since the introduction of the first television. If it is taken into account that the production capacity was only 9,050 units in 1966, the increase in sales of LG TVs is enormous.

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