Indulge in the newest boxsets, biggest cinema releases and the latest 4K Ultra HD content with Netflix and Amazon Prime – pre-loaded on all LG TVs*.

To help you get started, we’ve put together a simple guide to help you set up and start streaming Netflix and Amazon Prime on your LG TV today.

What is a Smart TV and how does it work?

All LG TVs that have Netflix and Amazon Prime pre-loaded on them are smart TVs. A smart TV is a TV that has in-built Wi-Fi connectivity, allowing it to connect to your favourite streaming services.

How it works is super simple. You can choose to connect your smart TV to the internet either wirelessly or using an ethernet cable. Once connected, simply choose your streaming app of choice, login and start playing your favourite TV shows or films.


Netflix is a streaming service available on any internet-connected screen and offers unlimited TV shows, documentaries and movies. It also produces its own content, Netflix Originals, which are available exclusively on the platform – many of which in 4K Ultra HD.

As you watch, personalised recommendations suggest shows you might enjoy, based on your viewing history.

How to connect Netflix to your TV

To start enjoying this incredible content, here’s how to set up Netflix on your TV:

  • Launch the Netflix app from the bottom navigation menu
  • Once loaded, create an account using the 30-day trial option. Alternatively, activate your LG TV as an authorised device
  • Sign in with your newly-created, or existing, login details
  • Search for your new favourite show using the Magic Remote

Amazon Prime Video

Prime Video is an online streaming platform, which is packed to the brim with original programming – known as Prime Originals, several exclusive shows and some of the world’s biggest dramas, docuseries and comedies.

There’s also several Prime Video Channels available, which broadcast sports, Hollywood epics and documentaries, including Eurosport Player and the Discovery Channel.

How to connect Amazon Prime Video to your tv

Now we’ve piqued your interest, let’s go through how to set up and download Prime video on your TV:

  • Launch the Prime Video app from the bottom navigation menu
  • Once the app has loaded, sign in with your Amazon account details, or sign up
  • Search for your new favourite show by using the Magic Remote

Start streaming all your favourite TV shows and films today and explore our latest range of LG TVs.