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 We’ve teamed up with audio specialists to crank up the quality in our collection of sound products. In our new range you can immerse yourself in the next dimension of crystal-clear audio entertainment.

Meridian Audio – putting listeners first

Since unveiling the M1 in 1977 – the world’s first ever active loudspeaker – Meridian Audio has displayed a passion for innovative engineering that’s made it a fixture of the high-end audio field. Other Meridian product breakthroughs have included a 3D in-car surround sound system, built in to premium editions of the 2013 Range Rover, and the compression tech which went on to set the standard in Dolby DVD audio.

Meridian’s ear for great sound engineering comes from its unique System Approach, which starts with professional listening experts giving their verdict on a prototype before the product is produced.

This means the product is tailored to the human ear from the very beginning – and makes Meridian the ideal partner for our expansive range of home audio solutions.


How LG and Meridian Audio amp up your entertainment

With our flawless design and Meridian’s engineering expertise, you get the dream combination of soundbars, smart speakers and portables.

Home cinema

Whether you want to soak up the tension and drama of your favourite film noir or feel every bone-crunching impact in a blockbuster fight scene, bring true cinematic quality to your next movie night with the SK10Y soundbar Meridian’s signature ‘bass and space’ technology is ready to rumble, while Dolby Atmos points a pair of central speakers upward to take the sound quality to even greater heights.

Pair this soundbar with the SKP8 rear wireless speakers to pack even more punch. Using Meridian Audio’s Acoustic Phase Matching, the processors read the dimensions of the space around them to bring surround sound to any space.

In addition, control playback from the SK10Y soundbar using your voice, by pairing it with the WK7 ThinQ Smart Speaker .The WK7 is a great help around the connected home, and can be instructed to play your choice of music and TV shows as well as controlling other smart devices.


Together with LG, Meridian brings its fine-tuned finesse to the XBOOM Go portable speaker for exceptional sound quality. This portable powerhouse can be configured and customised to match your musical taste, giving the performance of a lifetime every time you connect via Bluetooth to hear your favourite tracks.

The XBOOM Go Series proudly boasts two of Meridian’s finest feats of engineering. An Enhanced Bass mode packs an extra punch at the low end, beefing up every beat and bassline to a fuller, more intense sound.

Hear the crispness and detail of every verse without distortion, even at the highest volume, with the Clear Vocal setting. Savour the sweet sound of an aria as it flutters through your senses.


Help around the home

As well as setting the mood with music wherever you like, Meridian Audio has made its mark on LG’s range of smart speakers – combining clarity of sound with the cool connectivity of Google Assistant.

The LG WK7 ThinQ speaker is the heart of your connected home: you can use it to make calls, check your schedule and control heating and lighting in every room. As well as being incredibly smart, the WK7 offers jaw-dropping sound as certified by Which. Working with LG, Meridian experts spent countless hours optimising these speakers to get the very best from the 5 pillars of audio construction.

Don’t just take our word for it. Which? recently named the WK7 ThinQ one of its top 3 smart speakers, and holder of the prestigious ‘Best Buy’ status. Audio experts at the consumer group called the WK7 a ‘resounding success’, hailing its sound quality and concluding it ‘truly excels’.

A powerful partnership

Drawing from decades of engineering expertise, Meridian Audio pushes the envelope even further for LG's new audio collection and hear it for yourself.